2015 Demosphere Admin of the Year Named At The NYSW AGM!

Demosphere joined the New York State West Youth Soccer Assn. this past weekend to recognize the individuals who make soccer in western New York state possible during the 2015 New York State West Youth Soccer AGM.

The State Association has been utilizing Demosphere’s website and registration solutions for over 10 years.

This year, Demosphere sponsored the third annual Demosphere Administrator of the Year award. The award recognizes a leading administrator and offers a donation to further club operations for the upcoming year.

The deserving recipient was Jason Brodfuehrer of Newark Valley Soccer Club.

Brodfuehrer accepted his award with Demosphere CEO, Jay Baker, at the state association’s awards dinner.

Congratulations to all the winners – it was an excellent year for soccer in New York West!

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Using Social Media To Build Your Brand

Can social media help build your brand? Of course!

Demosphere’s Vice President of Marketing, Sean Rose, recently presented a session on “Using Social Media to Build Your Brand”. Here are the slides from the session as well as some key takeaways:

Set Goals

Keep in mind what your organization hopes to accomplish through social media channels. The goal should be to draw in visitors to your website – whether it be to register, donate, volunteer or simply gain information.

If you can be specific, that’s also helpful. For example, aim to generate 30 new registrants from social media channels in a given time period. Adjust as needed.

Social Media Commandments

1. Don’t spread your social media efforts too thin. Plan your number of channels around what you have time for.

2. If you’re working with a team of people on your social media accounts make sure each member is aware of their responsibilities. You want your brand to be consistent. Delegating responsibility can keep your social media efforts on schedule and on point.

3. Add value! Be conscious of what content you’re adding to your sites. Add information that is relevant, interesting and captivates your audience.

4. Don’t be afraid to keep an eye on others. Inspiration often can be drawn from other social media posts. You can benefit from monitoring what other successful social media brands are talking about, when they’re posting, and even stealing a few clever ideas!

5. Make sure you’re integrating your social media sites into your website. Double-check that links are working properly, the location of the buttons on the page is ideal, and that they are attracting enough attention.

Why You Need a Budget

News feed competition has been steadily increasing; Facebook users have been accepting more friends; “Likes” are more easily used; “Sharing” is more common. All of these factors are resulting in the decline of Organic Reach. Create Target groups for your ads to make sure you’re using your resources effectively and reaching your ideal target market through the noise.

Be prepared to dedicate at least $50 on your social media ad campaigns.

Next Steps

What items can you put in place today? Not next week or next month – today! There’s plenty of actionable advice here!

Have a look through our blog for more helpful best practices to move your organization forward!

The Travels Continue – Demosphere Stops In Baltimore

US Lacrosse ConventionTo most residents living in the DMV area, “wintery mix” is automatically translated into “stay off the roads.” But a little call for snow couldn’t dampen Demosphere’s excitement for the US Lacrosse Convention this past weekend!

The Demosphere team braved the weather and travelled to the US Lacrosse Convention at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The Convention filled with over 7,000 lacrosse coaches, officials & administrators eager to attend on-field demonstrations, clinics and educational sessions to coach better, officiate better, and lead better.

The weekend was spent talking about all of the great new features found within the WebWriter® Website, RosterPro® Registration, Tournament and League Scheduling Systems.

For information about Demosphere’s upcoming trade show appearances, visit our On The Go page. Have suggestions about where we should stop next? Let us know at extratime @ blog.demosphere.com!

US Lacrosse Workshop Photos

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Demosphere Discusses New Tools At NSCAA Convention

Demosphere - NSCAA ConventionThe 2015 NSCAA Convention welcomed administrators, coaches and exhibitors to Philadelphia last weekend –  providing the opportunity for all to come together in the Pennsylvania Convention Center and discuss the latest technology and soccer products available.

Demosphere set up in Booth 623, where we had a blast meeting current and future Demosphere users. The Convention was the perfect location for personalized Q&A time to explain the latest updates and benefits of our WebWriter® Website and RosterPro® Registration Systems

If you were unable to attend the Convention and are looking to gain more information about Demosphere’s products contact us at sales @ blog.demosphere.com.

Wondering if Demosphere will be in your area soon? Visit our On The Go page and find out!

Demosphere – NSCAA Photos

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Demosphere Starts The New Year At The ABCA Convention

The American Baseball Coaches Association ConventionAccount representative Dannelle Lewandowski started off the new year at the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention in Orlando, FL.

The 2015 ABCA Trade Show showcased over 325 companies, each on hand to display state-of-the-art equipment and products. The Jan. 2-4 event welcomed over 4,000 attendees.

The convention served as the perfect platform for Dannelle to discuss new and updated features within Demosphere’s WebWriter® Website and RosterPro® Registration Systems for the beginning of 2015.

For information about Demosphere’s upcoming trade show appearances, visit our On The Go page.