RosterPro® Registration

Can Your Members Register Quickly and Easily Online?

Offering online registration is a necessity in today’s online world for sports organizations of all sizes. Collect registrant information, process installments, and track financial data all within one intuitive solution. With only a few clicks, the RosterPro® Online Registration System will transform the way your organization approaches registration.
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Key Features Include:

  • Fast Registration – Receive submissions faster than ever. Parents are able to complete the entire registration process in approximately 90 seconds.

    Register players in 90 seconds with Demosphere's RosterPro Registration System!
    Register players quickly with RosterPro®!
  • Completely Web-Based – Access the system from any popular web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) without ever having to install software.
  • Intuitive Household-Based System – As parents register multiple children for different programs, the family’s contact information and registration history is organized into one household for easy monitoring.
  • FormBuilder™ – Design registration forms with custom questions and layouts, or choose from a template in the Form Library.
  • User-Defined Fields – You choose what information to collect! Want to know what school your members attend? Want to collect jersey sizes? Sell merchandise? You can do it all.
  • Custom File Upload – Collect unlimited files and documents during the registration process with custom File Upload inputs, including player birth certificates, insurance cards, photos, and more.
  • Volunteer Management – Enlist the help of volunteers for any aspect of your program. Protect the safety of your members by using the KidSafe System to collect background information.
  • Integrated Payment Processing – Make the payment process as accommodating as possible by accepting VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® payments, and allowing registrants to mail-in their checks for payment.
  • Process Installments – Divide large payments into smaller pieces over the course of the season and process automatically in specific increments.
  • Team Management – Easily assign players to teams through an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality in Team Builder.


  • Run Reports & Export Data – Gain deeper insight into your registration data by producing and exporting custom reports. Re-run saved reports in one click.
  • Broadcast Messages – Send emails or SMS messages to the whole organization or use filters to contact smaller segments without ever having to manually input individual contacts.
  • Print Player Cards – Print US Youth Soccer player cards (plus additional formats) directly from the system!

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2.99% + $1/transaction
Credit Card Processing Fees Included

  • Utilize Historical Data – View and analyze full household information from previous years. Data is never deleted from your system!
  • …and much more!

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