Demosphere Unveils a New Look for

Demosphere Youth Sports LogoFalls Church, VA – April 4, 2017 – Demosphere is thrilled to unveil their new website: The site was launched on Friday, March 31st with some tweaks and maintenance over the weekend prior to the official launch announcement.

“This has been a long time coming.” said Demosphere’s Executive Vice President, Kris Baker. “We wanted our website to speak to our core values and our previous site was just not hitting the mark. Our mission as an organization is based on four core pillars of strength: Experience, Authenticity, Integrity and Community. We want people to think of these values when they think of Demosphere, and this new site is a huge step in the right direction for us.”

“I’m excited that we’ve brought our website back in house.” continues Kris. “For many years, was hosted externally using the WordPress platform and it was always something that didn’t quite sit right with me.”

Senior Vice President of Product Development, Miles Baker, played a crucial role in the design and development of the new site. “We wanted the new website to reflect not only our core values through content, but also use it to highlight Demosphere’s professional design capabilities. Striking the right balance of clear content delivery with a clean and sophisticated design is what we pride ourselves on. This move helps us showcase one of the many ways we can help our clients do the same.”

Additionally, bringing the website in-house allows Demosphere to take full advantage of their own premier CMS platform features.

“We need to be able to quickly and efficiently update the content of our site to continue sharing the most up-to-date and relevant information with the youth sports community. This was always a challenge for our non-technical staff to manage on our previous WordPress platform,” added Kris.

With user-friendly features such as drag and drop content management, mobile responsive views, SEO-optimization, creation of articles on the fly, a robust calendar tagging system, and much more; all levels of users can poise themselves as web masters for their organization using the Demosphere platform.

Heidi Snead, Director of Project Management, helped spearhead the website re-launch project. “This is great news for our customers because as our own organizational needs grow and evolve, so will the features and usability of the system that’s relied upon by more than a thousand organizations every day.”

If you’re ready to upgrade your website to a design that is personalized, focused on content delivery, and professional, check out Demosphere’s integrated solutions today.

About Demosphere:

Demosphere International, Inc. is an Information Technology company based in Northern Virginia that has catered to the technology needs of youth sports organizations for over 26 years. Demosphere strives to provide authentic industry-leading technology solutions for organized sports, accommodating the needs of all levels of organizations and all levels of users, with an ethical approach to how they impact the greater community. For more information on Demosphere, visit the company’s website at

How to Correctly Format a Table in WebWriter

Did you know that your WebWriter® Website System has an easy-to-use table function to both create and modify tables?

Tables can be used for many reasons within website articles. In the video example below, our Support Team demonstrates the process of using tables to create nicely-formatted coach biographies with pictures. The same methodology could be used for board member biographies and many other functons.

Please review the below video to make sure you’re comfortable taking advantage of everything tables can offer! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

Home Page News Formatting Best Practices

Looking to make sure your homepage Newsbox articles on your WebWriter® Website are formatted properly? Our Support Team has put together a helpful video to help with uploading and sizing images, creating a short story, and making sure your ‘continue’ or ‘read more’ hyperlink is displayed correctly.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team directly.

Thoughtful Headlines: Focus on Benefits

Sample Newspaper Headline

Each morning, I review a list of recently-published news articles from Demosphere-powered sites. The articles are quite diverse in nature from organizations both large and small, professional and grassroots, domestic and international. The list shows titles only – I don’t see any text from the article unless the title intrigues me enough to read more.

In some instances, I’ll write about a newsworthy item that is worth sharing with a larger audience. Today, my post centers around the article titles themselves.

The title is more important than many think – it’s really the key to producing productive content for your audience. If a reader doesn’t find the title interesting, they are not likely to read the content.

When writing titles, especially those geared towards youth sports organizations, focus on the benefit to the reader. In other words, what can they learn from reading the article and why should they take the time to read it?

Here are a few examples of some article titles and some potential ways to make them more intriguing to the reader:


Idea: Take Your Player’s Skills to the Next Level – Sign Up for Goal Scoring Camp!

Nutrition For Soccer

Idea: Focus on Nutrition So Your Son/Daughter Performs Their Best!

Chili’s Eat and Help Fundraiser

Idea: Eat at Chili’s and Help Our U10 Team Go To XYZ Tournament!

With benefits to readers in mind, we encourage you to spend a few minutes formulating the titles of your articles moving forward!