Protect Your Organization from Email Scams

A few years ago, Demosphere posted about the topic of Email Scams and how to protect yourself. This issue has recently re-surfaced with a few of our clients reporting being the victim of email scams.

In one recent situation, the scam involved an email being sent “from” the President of the Club to the Club’s Treasurer, asking for money to be wired into a specific bank account. Unfortunately, the wire transfer was processed and the money has thus vanished from the Club. Local authorities are working to uncover the source, however it’s improbable that the funds will ever be recovered.

These situations are real and it’s important to learn what you can do to prevent them. Below are some recommendations to help protect the Demosphere community:data privacy

  • Keep passwords secure:  It’s important to keep your passwords safe to avoid unauthorized use of your accounts. Check out our previous post for some tips on managing password security.
  • Verify all financial transactions: If someone in your organization asks you to transfer funds, always question and verify the validity of the request first. In this case it truly is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t post personal email address on your public website: Demosphere recommends using one generic contact email address for your organization on your public website, such as Keep board member, administrative and coaching staff emails private.
    • Demosphere’s WebWriter® CMS  product allows you to create protected content pages, so you can ensure your members have access to the info they need, without exposing your organization to potential phishing scams.Data Privacy
  • Protect your member data: Be sure to review the Privacy Policy of your database provider(s) to ensure contact info, such as email address, are kept private and secure.
    • Part of Demosphere’s mission is to maintain an ethical approach to data privacy to protect the privacy of the children and volunteers in our youth sports community.

Have you had a related experience? Post a comment below and let the Demosphere Community know what to watch out for!

Broadcast Email Your Entire Tournament Database With Ease

Does your organization have a message you’d like to share across your entire database rather than tournament by tournament? Now you can send your messages to everyone at once!

When you create a new email, the option is available to send to your entire database. This will send your message to all tournaments and leagues, all seasons, all team staff and players.


Sending to the entire database will suppress the normal ability to filter by age, gender, role, and payment status. The only filter available will be to sort by application status.

Ask Demosphere’s Support Team if the entire-database broadcast is right for you at support @

Save Distribution Groups For Email Broadcasts

Rather than re-creating the same custom filters each time you compose an email to the same group of people, Demosphere’s Communication Center now allows Site Administrators to select from a list of saved Distribution Groups.

When composing a new email message, administrators now have the option to either configure custom filters manually or to choose from saved Distribution Groups.

Custom filters can be saved as new Distribution Groups directly within the New Message dialog with the “Save Email Recipient Filters as Distribution Group” button.

Create Email Distribution List

Selecting a Distribution Group will automatically populate the View Recipients dialog based on the pre-set filter criteria.

In addition to saving Distribution Groups in the New Message window, Administrators can also create and save Groups directly from the Email Broadcast tab within the Communications Center window.

A dialog consisting of the same filters available when creating a new email message will appear after selecting the green Create New Distribution Group button.

Distribution List

A unique Distribution Group name is required to save.

A button within this dialog exists to display a list of recipients based on the configured filters, similar to when creating a new message.

Communication Center

All Distribution Groups can be edited and/or deleted by Site Administrators.

Distribution Groups are not unique to the individual and can be accessed by all Site Administrators with Email Broadcast permissions.

If you’d like more information on how to take advantage of Demosphere’s Communication Center and Distribution Groups feature contact Demosphere’s Support team at support @

Everything You Need To Know About Webmail

webmailIn today’s busy, tech-savvy world staying connected is a necessity. Calling, texting, messaging, emailing – the list never ends. And with most Americans averaging two email addresses, one personal and one work account each, staying in touch has become even more complicated.

Make sure your organization never falls behind with business correspondence – get involved with an email hosting system that make everyday emails even easier.

Demosphere provides organizations with simple email management through Webmail.

What Is Webmail?

Webmail processes and delivers your emails – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A good email host should go to great lengths to filter spam, protect your inbox against viruses, and allow you to access your inbox anytime, anywhere through webmail desktop clients and wireless devices.

Simply put – email hosting with Demosphere is a cost-efficient, “No Hardware, No Software” approach to managing a organization-wide email system.

What Can It Do?

Not only does Webmail allow users to access emails from any popular web-browser, it also includes built-in search functionality, calendar reminders, spam filtering, virus scanning, and so much more. A comprehensive list of benefits can be found on the Demosphere Webmail Page.

How Do I Access Webmail?

Demosphere’s Webmail system can be found at this URL:!

How Is It Setup?

Setting up email accounts through Webmail is incredibly easy. Create accounts, add multiple addresses, forward mail from existing accounts, and pick up other helpful tips with this tutorial video found on the Demosphere Blog.

Can It Be Used on a Phone?

Demosphere Webmail can be setup on any phone or mobile device capable of receiving e-mail. If you have signed up for Webmail and have a mailbox, simply follow the directions on how to begin sending and receiving emails from your phone found on the Demosphere’s Blog.

What’s Next?

If you have any lingering questions about using the Webmail System that aren’t answered in the resources above don’t hesitate to reach out to the Demosphere Support Team!

Congratulate Season Invitees Straight From The Settings Page

Seasonal FilterHave you ever wished you could send an email broadcast out to an entire accepted seasonal group directly from your Seasons Settings page? Well now you can!

The RosterPro® Registration System now facilitates users in sending emails to contact accepted season invitees with the new Email Season/Seasonal Invitees function.

Administrators can access this added feature through either the Seasons Settings page or the Season Structure page. Click on the “send email to invitees” button and a Broadcast Email message will appear. The message will have filters set automatically to the current season and date.

Contact Demosphere’s Support Team with any questions you have regarding sending emails through the RosterPro® System.