Large Email Broadcasts Are Now Even Easier!

Email FilteringFiltering large-scale email broadcasts has never been so simple!

For many of our large leagues and national organizations, sending emails to specific member clubs is important.

Demosphere’s governing body solutions now allow organization to filter messages to particular conferences, divisions, or even single clubs.

This additional flexibility means that messages can be tailored like never before – and that only the right recipients get the message.

Please contact Demosphere’s Support Team if you have any questions about email broadcasts within your Demosphere system.

Email Filtering
Sample filtering options.


Email Scams – Don’t Be a Victim

Email Scam

The two most common online security vulnerabilities within youth sports organizations concern registration systems and email accounts. In both cases, the password used to access these areas is of utmost importance.

Earlier this week in Rockton, IL, members of a youth track & field organization received a scam email from an organization account. The email account’s password was compromised and an unauthorized user accessed the account.

To be as safe as possible, please see our previous blog post – Top 5 Password Security Tips. One key example is to have unique passwords – administrators should never share accounts and should never have the same password as one another.

While reviewing these password tips, also be sure you know how your registration data is being (potentially) used by your provider. For example, Demosphere does not use or sell any customer registration data – our mission is to store things securely on behalf of our customers. If your organization uses a different system, double check the privacy policy to make sure information isn’t being distributed to third parties.

Want to setup e-mail on your mobile device?

If you have a phone or mobile device capable of receiving e-mail you can setup Demosphere Webmail to receive and send e-mails from your device!  If you have signed up for Webmail and have a mailbox, simply follow the directions linked below to setup your phone.  These directions are directly from the Knowledge Base and can be accessed at any time.

* Windows Mobile POP or IMAP
* Android POP or IMAP
* Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod POP or IMAP

If you need an answer to a question when using any Demosphere Products, please remember to check out the Knowledge Base (KB).

In the KB, there are hundreds of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The Support Team is constantly updating it so the answers are current and accurate. Also in the KB is a video library that contains over 50 training videos.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can easily submit a request to the Support department from the Support Center. When you submit a case this way, your contact information is automatically carried over so the Support Team can respond quickly.

To access the Support Center go to your Admin Home area and click on the Support Center icon, or if you’re using the Online Registration System click on the life preserver icon found at the top of the screen. The Support Center will open up in a new tab or a new window and you can scroll through the Knowledge Base, Video Library, or submit a case.