Track Financial Aid Effectively With RosterPro®

FinancialAidYouth sports organizations offer many varieties of financial aid to registrants, and now it’s easy to manage those processes with Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System!

Administrators can now easily indicate which programs are eligible for financial aid, and registrants can apply for aid as part of their registration.

Once registrants apply for aid, administrators can review a full list of applicants and make case-by-case determinations of whether aid is given or not.

The overall process is simple, straight-forward, and also confidential – other parents will not know who applied for aid. The ability to log all of this information in RosterPro® (rather than offline on paper forms) will save administrators time and enable them to potentially more flexibility to registrants than ever before.

The below video highlights this feature in more detail. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Support Team!

New SMS Broadcast “Recipient Filters” Feature

A new feature has been added to Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System allowing Site Administrators to better specify who their target audience should be for any SMS Broadcast message.

From the SMS Broadcast section of the Dashboard, Site Admins now have the ability to create unlimited filters based on a variety of data sources to target a specific list of intended SMS message recipients.

SMS Filters

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New Options for Check or Cash Registrations

A new workflow for collecting Check or Cash payments has been added to the Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System.

Site Administrators now have the ability to determine if the incoming status for registrants paying by check or cash is marked “Active” or “Pending Check/Cash”.

Check out the most recent new features in RosterPro™:

Check/Cash Payments Settings

For RosterPro™ systems configured to mark check/cash payments to pending, additional subsequent rules are unlocked, such as allowing Season Grouping Administrators to see these registrations, and whether or not they are available for building teams when pending.

Edit Check/Cash Options

Freeze Tabular Data Columns

A new feature now available on all data tables within RosterPro™ is the capability to “freeze” any columns from scrolling horizontally when the tabular data exceeds the viewable frame.

This allows, for example, player names to remain visible when scrolling horizontally to view the unlimited registration form responses Site Administrators have collected during Public Registration. The system will remember settings made by individual Administrators to each table they have custom-configured.

Deleting Seasons and Programs

Seasons with no registrations may now be deleted in order to keep data clean. Additionally, any Registration Program with no Seasons may also be deleted.

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Send Text Messages & More New Features

Need instant communication? With a new feature in Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System, Administrators can quickly send an SMS text message to all verified mobile phone numbers within their organization.

Check out the most recent new features in RosterPro™:

SMS Broadcast

Site Administrators now have the ability to send SMS text messages and see a history of all past messages directly from their Dashboard.


Custom Installment Dates

Site Administrators can now specify exactly when installment payments will be collected for each Season. This expands the capabilities for setting up many different concurrent payment schedules such as bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even weekly in some cases!

Installment payment custom dates

Other New Features

  • Update Proof of Birth “en masse” for any unverified registrants.
  • Manage list of BCC Admin recipients for all registration confirmation emails.
  • Manage custom message for the Donations step during Public Registration.

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Add Additional Instructions To Your Team Applications

Edit ApplicationsWhen asking for data on team applications, are the questions always self-explanatory? If not, take advantage of a new feature in Demosphere’s Tournament and Scheduling Systems to make it easier on applicants.

Each event application now includes four (4) sections of text that can be updated by an administrator:

  • Instructions
  • Pertinent Comments
  • Date Requests
  • Saving
Add instructions to your application
Sample instructions area.

Before your next event, make sure your application is easy to understand. If not, provide additional instructions via these new text areas!

Have a question about modifying these areas? Contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @

Application plus instructions
Application plus instructions!