Add Additional Instructions To Your Team Applications

Edit ApplicationsWhen asking for data on team applications, are the questions always self-explanatory? If not, take advantage of a new feature in Demosphere’s Tournament and Scheduling Systems to make it easier on applicants.

Each event application now includes four (4) sections of text that can be updated by an administrator:

  • Instructions
  • Pertinent Comments
  • Date Requests
  • Saving
Add instructions to your application
Sample instructions area.

Before your next event, make sure your application is easy to understand. If not, provide additional instructions via these new text areas!

Have a question about modifying these areas? Contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @

Application plus instructions
Application plus instructions!

Additional Registration Groupings Provide More Detail

Seasonal registration groupingsNeed more specific information about what registrants are registering for?

RosterPro™ can help! Demosphere’s youth sports registration system now offers the ability to specify additional season groupings to be more specific than ever before.

For example, registrants signing up for a training program can indicate whether they can attend one, two, or all three weeks of training. Costs can be assigned to each as well as discounts for registering for more than one!

The screenshot below shows the payment screen with options checked and discounts applied.

Adding seasonal groupings to RosterPro

Need help configuring? Contact our Support Team at support @!

New Schedule & Roster Website Placement Options

What’s a club without teams or a league without schedules? The pairs just go together.

For organizations using Demosphere’s WebWriter® Website System, placing appropriate team rosters or schedules is easier and more flexible than ever.

For clubs, Demosphere’s “Team Pages” may now be placed as a full season of teams, any group of divisions of teams, or just a single team.

Place a single team's information within Demosphere
Place a single team!

For leagues, schedules may be placed as a full season or any group of divisions.

Place division standings within Demosphere
Place an entire division!

Have a question? Contact our Support Team at support @!


Tighter League Scheduling Control With ‘One Pass’ Scheduling

Demosphere’s Travel League Scheduling System now has an option for “One Pass” scheduling for tighter control over predetermined patterns of games.

When scheduling games for a travel league, there may be many complexities regarding field permits, special requests for dates off, State Cup exceptions, varying start times for different age groups, length of game time slots, and league-wide date and time restrictions such as SAT test dates.

Demosphere’s best-in-class Travel League Scheduling System automatically includes a second pass for all unscheduled games to find another date that satisfies all the other restrictions of each team and available field space. This results in a maximum of games scheduled by the system, leaving only a minimal amount of manual effort by the scheduler to polish off any remaining games were unable to be scheduled automatically due to specific restrictions or lack of field space.

More leagues are now using a POD or club-team approach for younger age groups and/or adding extra second-round games for divisions with a smaller number of teams. This approach to scheduling often puts a premium on back-to-back games for the same opponent clubs in different age groups or otherwise requiring that the system place the game in an exact schedule.

Demosphere’s new “One Pass” feature allows the league scheduler to designate those divisions that should follow the most strict rules for determining the dates for each game. With “One Pass”, the system ensures that the necessary pattern of games is followed, without moving any games to an available field on a different date, so that back-to-back or later-round games are easily controlled.

A new feature in Demosphere's Scheduling System allows tighter control on games.
A new check box enables “One Pass” Scheduling.

If you have any questions about the new “One Pass” scheduling feature, please contact us at support @

Pre-Populate Registration Forms – New Features Spotlight

In many locations around the country, extra paperwork is needed to get players on the field. With a new feature in Demosphere’s RosterPro™ Registration System, Administrators may use registration data to complete the forms faster!

Check out the most recent new features in RosterPro™:

Form Documents

Form Documents in RosterPro Registration System

Form Documents allows Site Administrators to upload prepared PDF forms and map existing Household and Registration data fields to the available inputs.

Unlimited Form Documents and Document Groupings can be created and maintained in order to keep everything manageable.

Email Broadcast

When composing or editing queued Email Broadcast Messages from the Communications Center, Site Administrators now have the option to CC or BCC unlimited recipients, in addition to the pre-existing recipient data parameter filters.