Developers Dive Into The World Of Design

Developers attend the Meetup on the newest design techniques

Even creatives need inspiration sometimes. Where better to get inspired by the latest design trends and practices than at NoVA UX?

NoVA UX is an organization based in Northern Virginia and the DC metro area that hosts meetings about user experience design and networking opportunities.

Members of Demosphere’s Development Team attended the final NoVA UX Meetup of 2014 titled Fireside Chat on Design Trends: Past, Present and Future.

Designer and entrepreneur Alex Hsiao moderated a panel of creative trendsetters through a stimulating discussion on the world of design at the AddThis headquarters.

The Meetup topics ranged from current design trends to tools of the trade. The group discussed different processes, inspirations, and mobile techniques currently popular within the industry. The forum also touched on broader topics such as design management, the industry of design, and the future of design.

The free-flowing format allowed panelists to share their expertise and respond to questions from the audience. The event served as an enlightening experience for all attendees and inspired Demosphere’s team to apply what they learned in the workshop to the design of sports websites.

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Demosphere’s Designers Inspire Youth To Pursue Graphic Design

Greg LaPorta and Julie Maski speak at local Career Day
Greg LaPorta and Julie Maski speak at local Career Day.

Demosphere’s Graphics Team recently gave back to the community and visited Quander Road School to discuss their passion for web design and why they chose to pursue careers in graphic design!

Julie Maski and Greg LaPorta participated in the school’s Career Day hoping to encourage the students to consider design in the future.

The Quander Road School in Alexandria, VA is unique in that it serves a student population that struggles with social and emotional development.

Students aren’t able to have their needs met in regular high school classrooms and require Quander’s nurturing environment that supports their academic, social-emotional, and behavioral growth.

By sharing “real-life” applications for the technology curriculum the students are experiencing in school, LaPorta and Maski hope to have inspired some of the students to pursue future careers in graphic design.

Realities Of A Career In Graphic Design

The field of web-design can be a challenging road to pursue. Technologies are constantly evolving and designers must adapt to those changes to stay current in the industry.

With dedication and passion, though, a successful career is possible. Both designers agree that what matters most is not how hard you struggle in school, but rather how hard you fight to achieve your dreams.

“I sincerely hope that your company can continue to visit our school and students in the future. We are lucky to live in a community that sees through the problems of our students, and works to provide them a better future,” said Assistant Principal Joe Thompson.

Have a look through some of their most recent designs – and if you’re looking to engage them to help with a professional design for your organization, contact Demosphere today!

Future of Web Design Conference Inspires Demosphere’s Designers

Demosphere attended the 2014 Future Of Web Design Conference.

The Future of Web Design Conference has one mission: to serve the designers, developers, and entrepreneurs who are making the web a better place.

Earlier this month, members of the Demosphere Graphics Team traveled to New York City to take part in the three days of cutting edge, expert-led web design workshops.

In any fast-paced industry, especially if it’s online, staying ahead of the curve is critical. It is vital to invest in skills and stay up-to-date with current technologies. After attending the workshops, our team is ready to take what they’ve learned and apply it with new designs!

A new method of site development involves taking a closer look into human psychology. Users come to a site with a goal already in mind – websites aren’t able to succeed unless they quickly fulfill their expectations. Designers must be able to get into the mindset of their users in order to create a greater user experience.

FOWD example of how using psychology theories can improve the process
A sample ATM user experience

For example, compare two ATM machines. The first machine allows you to get your cash out before removing your card. The second machine makes you remove your card in order to receive your cash.

Once you receive the cash from Machine 1 you have completed your process and can now leave, often accidentally leaving your card behind. Although only slightly altered, the second machine’s design has created a more enjoyable experience simply by observing the behavior and needs of its users.

Demosphere’s team keeps this approach in mind when designing sports websites – how can we help users complete their goal as quickly as possible?

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