Demosphere and Copper Mountain Rec Soccer Expand Partnership

Pictured (left to right): Ted Sonnenburg (CMS), Camille Cheatwood (Demosphere), Racquel Augat (CMS)
Pictured (left to right): Ted Sonnenburg (CMS), Camille Cheatwood (Demosphere), Racquel Augat (CMS)

Demosphere’s Senior Account Manager, Camille Cheatwood, recently made the trip to beautiful Utah to meet with the Copper Mountain Soccer (CMS) team to discuss an expansion of our partnership. Our enhanced solutions will include creation of a new youth soccer website to help in their re-branding efforts to their newly re-envisioned Copper Mountain Rec Soccer name.

While in Utah, Cheatwood met with the CMS team for a working session to review best practices relative to our current partnership which includes online player registration and league scheduling tools. This streamlined solution is vital to the success of their organization, and with the addition of a new and improved website, Demosphere plans to help CMS reach their goal of being a premier, fully integrated, youth soccer club.

Demosphere is proud to support the efforts of Copper Mountain Soccer in achieving their mission to provide a place where all children have an opportunity to learn the sport of soccer and to have fun doing it. Demosphere’s goal is to provide leading-edge, integrated technology solutions to youth sports organizations to allow partners to focus more on what matters most: creating programs that help grow and develop our youth through sport.

If you’re interested to learn more about what Demosphere can do to help your organization #GetIntegrated, contact us today!

Usability Improvements for Managing Field Permits

Demosphere has recently made some significant usability improvements to streamline the workflow for users managing their field permits!

Adding and editing field permits no longer requires a page load so users can quickly and easily manage permits within one screen. This improvement greatly reduces the amount of time spent on managing this area of the system.












Additionally, we’ve enhanced the interface of the list of permits by incorporating our Data Grid functionality, allowing users to quickly search, sort, edit, clone and even export all field permits:


Demosphere is committed to continuous improvement of our systems to ensure we’re delivering leading-edge technology to all levels of users.

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Export License Information From Team Applications

Exporting all of the information you need is getting even easier in the League Scheduling System! The updated exporting function allows administrators to include coaching license fields when exporting Team Application information.Export License Information

The added fields allow administrators to discern a person’s role on the team even after the information is exported from the System.

And as an added feature, the page now includes a more obvious, reformatted Export button to make the process even more intuitive.

If you have any questions in regards to exporting information in the League Scheduling System please contact Demosphere’s Support Team!

Team Application Manager Reveals New Look!

Team App ManagerThe Team Application Manager Element within Demosphere’s Tournament Management and Travel League Scheduling Systems features an updated interface!

The new appearance includes the following aesthetic changes:

Larger Font Size
The font sizes on the main screen are now slightly larger to make the site more user-friendly.

Page Reorganization
Items on the page have been reorganized and grouped together to make application setup more intuitive.

New Labels
Select items now feature new labels to better explain their capabilities.

If you have any questions regarding the Team Application Manager element contact Demosphere’s Support Team

Team Application Manager Updates

Default Gallery Type Template

This is the default gallery type template, located in:

If you're seeing this, it's because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it's own.

Control When Divisions Are Published!

Division StandingsWant to publish your division alignments at a specific date & time? Now you can!

A new feature in Demosphere’s League Scheduling and Tournament Management systems allows administrators to determine when divisions are made public.

This feature allows administrators to work behind-the-scenes on specific alignment issues before publishing them to the general public for review.

Need help enabling this feature? Contact our Support Team at support @