Team Application Manager Reveals New Look!

Team App ManagerThe Team Application Manager Element within Demosphere’s Tournament Management and Travel League Scheduling Systems features an updated interface!

The new appearance includes the following aesthetic changes:

Larger Font Size
The font sizes on the main screen are now slightly larger to make the site more user-friendly.

Page Reorganization
Items on the page have been reorganized and grouped together to make application setup more intuitive.

New Labels
Select items now feature new labels to better explain their capabilities.

If you have any questions regarding the Team Application Manager element contact Demosphere’s Support Team

Team Application Manager Updates

Default Gallery Type Template

This is the default gallery type template, located in:

If you're seeing this, it's because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it's own.

Control When Divisions Are Published!

Division StandingsWant to publish your division alignments at a specific date & time? Now you can!

A new feature in Demosphere’s League Scheduling and Tournament Management systems allows administrators to determine when divisions are made public.

This feature allows administrators to work behind-the-scenes on specific alignment issues before publishing them to the general public for review.

Need help enabling this feature? Contact our Support Team at support @

Assign Special Points To Your League Or Tournament Standings

Special Points in Standings
Special points!

Need to get really specific when assigning points for your league or tournament? Use the Special Points feature to control whether the season has any custom points calculation.

The main use for this feature is to support fractional points. For example, if your tournament rules call for 0.5 point for a shutout, you could do this by setting 30 for a win, 10 for a tie and 5 for a shutout and then use a formula dividing the final result by 10 and displaying with a single decimal place.

This setting for Special Points needs to be activated on so that the special calculation will be applied. For assistance customizing this setting to confirm to your event rules, please contact our Support Team at support @!

Scan To Find Available Field Space!

Ever wonder what to do if there aren’t enough available fields to schedule your games? Demosphere’s League Scheduling System does its best to help.

When games are being scheduled, the system looks for available field space on the given game day. If there is not enough space for the game on that day or if other restrictions such as a requested day off prevent scheduling on that date, the game is not scheduled on the “first pass”.

In a “second pass” after all games have had once chance to be scheduled on the correct day throughout the season, each game is tried again.

In order to “Scan Forward”, choose a number between 1 and 9 to search that number of days after the play date. In order to “Scan Backward”, choose a number between -1 and -9 to scan earlier. Each successive day is searched for available field space up to the limit of days specified.

Scan for available field space.

The picture above displays scheduling options including “Scan Forward”.

For example, a league that plays weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays would use only Tuesday dates in the date group but specify 2 to “Scan Forward” so that after all Tuesday slots are used, Thursday slots would be considered.

Need help utilizing this feature? Contact our Support Team at support @

Your Schedule Is Finished – Now What?

Congratulations on getting your schedule completed and posted for your participating teams!

With this big step out of the way, Demosphere knows there is still work to do to get you through the season. Here are some helpful tips to help you manage your season:

Phone It In - Instructions

  • You can use the Demosphere system to quickly and easily reschedule games as needed: change a single game simply by clicking to “edit” the game from the schedule. Or, if you have more significant changes to make, use Demosphere’s drag-and-drop rescheduling tools to help you move games around to available field slots. For more information, check out our video called Re-Scheduling Drag and Drop by logging into your Support Center!
  • All game changes will notify the individuals who need to know: team contacts, division contacts, field marshals, referees, etc! Save time with email broadcast!
  • Report scores quickly and easily from the field! Use Demosphere’s PhoneItIn™ tools to either call in scores from your phone using the season PIN and game #, or, report scores directly from your mobile device! Either option will automatically update the team results and standings. Reporting scores has never been easier!
  • Take advantage of the Field Status functionality and have your teams sign up for text notifications via RainedOut! Each individual will choose the fields they want to follow and they’ll receive notifications via text when fields have been closed. Save time with text notifications!
  • Prepare your teams and referees for the game: whether you want to print official team rosters, match reports, player passes, or game cards; the Demosphere system can provide it all.

As always, if you have any questions, special requests, or ideas for features, please email them to us – more than likely we will have a solution for you! Send your questions and ideas to us at