Custom Team Fees Are Here!

custom team fees

Have you ever wanted to setup custom team fees for different teams within the same age group? Demosphere has listened to your feedback and we know that many competitive youth sports organizations often charge different fees for different teams based on several factors such as coaching expertise, number and cost of team events, region, and other options team managers and/or coaches elect.

As a result, we are excited to announce a new feature: the ability to attach custom team fees to any team in any season!

Demosphere Administrators can now create and bind these custom team fees to the teams directly to ensure the appropriate fees are charged to each player who is accepting a team invitation. You can setup a variety of fees including registration fees, coaching fees, uniform fees, late fees, or any other custom team fee you can dream up!

First, create the custom team fees in the fees and discounts area when managing your season. Next, create your teams for each grouping in your season structure. From there, you can turn ON the team invitation feature and add as many custom team fees as needed to each team. Once you invite the players to the team, those who accept their invitation will be charged all fees associated with the season, as well as any custom team fees that you have added to the team for which they’re registering!

The addition of this feature is just one more example of how Demosphere works to continuously improve our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our users.

We’re proud to deliver this important feature that has been requested by many of our clients – we care about your feedback, and your success! If you have additional feedback and/or feature requests, please pass them along to us at

Have a great season!

Usability Improvements for Managing Field Permits

Demosphere has recently made some significant usability improvements to streamline the workflow for users managing their field permits!

Adding and editing field permits no longer requires a page load so users can quickly and easily manage permits within one screen. This improvement greatly reduces the amount of time spent on managing this area of the system.












Additionally, we’ve enhanced the interface of the list of permits by incorporating our Data Grid functionality, allowing users to quickly search, sort, edit, clone and even export all field permits:


Demosphere is committed to continuous improvement of our systems to ensure we’re delivering leading-edge technology to all levels of users.

Looking for more improvements? Give us your feedback today by contacting!

Communicate With Any Season, Grouping, or Team

Site Administrators and Age Group Commissioners can communicate with any Season, Grouping, or Team they have access to through broadcast emails directly from the Season Structure tab.

Rather than granting full permission to the Communication Center to send emails to one specific team, now AGCs/Limited Access users can send emails with the click of a button to assigned groups.
An email message composition screen will appear, pre-filtered depending on which level the Administrator chose to email. Filter recipients even further by Players, Parents and/or Team Staff.


For more information on this new feature, contact Demosphere Support.

Invite Players At The Team Level!

Clubs have always had the ability to create invitation-only programs at the Seasonal and Grouping level – and now the RosterPro® Registration System allows organizations create Team Invitations!

After selecting a Grouping and an Age Grouping in the season structure, the resulting table filled with all available Teams and corresponding player counts and staff numbers will appear.


To make the team invitee-only, make sure the Team Invitations button has been turned ON. Turning on the Team Invitees functionality for one team will turn it on for ALL teams in the Grouping.

Invite players to the team with the same functionality you’re used to in the Seasonal and Groupings invitation settings.

Send an email to the Team Invitees, with an auto-populated message and pre-formulated filters to “Invitees” based on their current player status. You can append the email body with any additional information you wish to include. The email can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date.


The new feature also allows Administrators to track their response to the email (Accept/Decline), the date they were contacted, and the date they responded.

BONUS NOTE: Age Group Commissioners can now email their team/group members from the Season Structure without having full permission to the Communication Center!

For more information about Team Invitees or for assistance setting up invitation-only seasons, groupings, and/or teams in your RosterPro Registration System – contact Demosphere Support.

Demosphere Is Excited to Introduce TeamNet™!

Demosphere’s comprehensive suite of online solutions welcomes its newest addition – TeamNet™!

TeamNet incorporates a new universal login system to all organizations using Demosphere for managing user profiles, households, registrations, and new team communication tools.

Team Communication

The TeamNet platform provides an additional layer of administrative functionality geared specifically toward Coaches and Team Contacts.

The system affords Coaches the ability to view and manage team rosters and members, communicate directly with various team members, and organize the team’s calendar of events.

Manage Your Teams – Choose from a list of all teams that have been assigned to your account right on the TeamNet dashboard. Selecting an available team displays that specific group’s calendar, communication center, team members and roster!

Build Your Roster – Add contacts to any team by inputting contact information and assigning them a Role. The system can automatically add the contact to the team roster based on their assigned Role.

Set Your Schedule – Customize events for your team’s calendar by selecting a date and adding event-specific information.

Communicate Effectively – Utilize basic text editing capabilities to draft broadcast email messages directly in the composition screen. Review your email broadcast history for sent and drafted messages.

System Integration

TeamNet is integrated with Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System and League Scheduling System to facilitate simple data sharing between Demosphere’s online solutions.

As an extension of the RosterPro® Registration System, the fully integrated systems work together to ensure that once Site Administrators have completed team building within RosterPro®, coaches then have the ability to independently manage their own team rosters, members, calendars, and have a direct line of communication with their team members through TeamNet.

If a team belongs to a league that utilizes Demosphere’s League Scheduling System, games can be synced with the TeamNet calendar. The TeamNet platform will receive automatic updates when games are rescheduled within the Scheduling System.

What This Means For Households

The TeamNet platform is designed to provide users with universal login capabilities to manage their households, update profile information, and view registration history across all Demosphere-powered sites in one dashboard.

If a household member has been placed on a team, the household will also have the ability to view their team’s calendar, members, roster, and team communication from Team Contacts – all directly from the TeamNet dashboard.

TeamNet Mobile App

TeamNet is now available on-the-go with the release of the TeamNet™ Mobile App! Find it in the App Store or Google™ Play. Stay connected to your team 24/7 with the flexibility to communicate directly with players, update last-minute schedule changes, and edit profile information all from your mobile device.

For more information on the TeamNet platform or the TeamNet Mobile App, contact a member of Demosphere Support!