Youth Sports Injuries on the Rise

Earlier this month, CNN reported on a study released by the journal Pediatrics, finding that the annual injury rate for young soccer players jumped by 111% from 1990 to 2014, with older children between 12 and 17 years of age being more than three times as susceptible to injury.

youth_soccer_injury_prevention_programsWith this said, the increase in youth soccer-related injuries coincides with a significant rise in participation for the sport. Groups like US Youth Soccer have seen close to a 100% increase in participation during the study years and many other youth sports are also on the rise.

As you may imagine, concussion-related injuries spiked almost 1,600% from 1990 to 2014. Suspected reasons for this include increased participation, more awareness surrounding concussions, and better recognition of concussions by doctors and coaches due to passing of youth sports concussion laws.

While no one wants to see injuries on the rise, the fact that participation in youth sports is increasing is a good sign – better for kids to be up and active versus the alternative.

Parents can protect their young athletes by ensuring the Clubs in which they participate have good policies surrounding concussion awareness training, good facilities management and emergency action plans. It’s also important to afford children the opportunity to try a variety of different activities during the off season to let their muscles rest and recoup.

Lastly, parents can also protect their wallets by insuring participation fees through groups like NextWave Insurance in the event of injury. Last month we posted about how these insurance policies work, and how to sign your organization up to offer these services to your members through Demosphere.

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Limited/No Refund Policy? Costs Can Still Be Covered!

The more registrations the merrier when it comes to a tournament, camp, or travel program. It would be a shame to learn that a high upfront cost is deterring players from applying.

Before a parent pays thousands of dollars in registration and potential travel costs, they want to know that they’ve made a safe investment.

nextwaveWhat happens if their child suffers an injury that prevents them from playing this season? Will they get their money back?

Demosphere has partnered with Next Wave Insurance Services to protect a registrant’s investment in the event of an unforeseeable injury, sickness, inclement weather, and more!

Through this partnership, families can opt-in to an insurance policy to cover the cost of sporting events with an affordable, low minimum premium.

Listed below are several covered events which could cause an athlete to miss a sports tournament, camp, season or incur lost travel costs.

  • Sickness/Injury
  • Uninhabitable Residence
  • Active Military Service (Parental/Guardian)
  • Felonious Assault
  • Job Transfer/Layoff (Parent/Guardian)
  • Inclement Weather
  • Traffic Accident
  • Extended School Year

See the full summary of coverage and premium costs available to you as part of this exclusive Demosphere and Next Wave partnership.

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