Custom Team Fees Are Here!

custom team fees

Have you ever wanted to setup custom team fees for different teams within the same age group? Demosphere has listened to your feedback and we know that many competitive youth sports organizations often charge different fees for different teams based on several factors such as coaching expertise, number and cost of team events, region, and other options team managers and/or coaches elect.

As a result, we are excited to announce a new feature: the ability to attach custom team fees to any team in any season!

Demosphere Administrators can now create and bind these custom team fees to the teams directly to ensure the appropriate fees are charged to each player who is accepting a team invitation. You can setup a variety of fees including registration fees, coaching fees, uniform fees, late fees, or any other custom team fee you can dream up!

First, create the custom team fees in the fees and discounts area when managing your season. Next, create your teams for each grouping in your season structure. From there, you can turn ON the team invitation feature and add as many custom team fees as needed to each team. Once you invite the players to the team, those who accept their invitation will be charged all fees associated with the season, as well as any custom team fees that you have added to the team for which they’re registering!

The addition of this feature is just one more example of how Demosphere works to continuously improve our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our users.

We’re proud to deliver this important feature that has been requested by many of our clients – we care about your feedback, and your success! If you have additional feedback and/or feature requests, please pass them along to us at

Have a great season!

Demosphere Propels St. Louis Scott Gallagher into the 2017-18 Season

Camille Cheatwood (Demosphere) and the SLSG Team
Camille Cheatwood (Demosphere) and the SLSG Team

Like many of our customers, St. Louis Scott Gallagher (SLSG) is feeling both a sense of excitement as well as the healthy bit of stress that goes along with preparing for the opening of a new season. The 2017-18 season is upon us and Demosphere is firing on all cylinders to help our clients kick it into high gear!

Senior Account Manager, Camille Cheatwood, recently visited the SLSG team and their amazing facility for a working session to review registration set-up of their club and team invitation programs for both their Missouri and Illinois locations. Managing an organization this large takes a great team, a lot of coordination, and a top-notch system to handle it all – the partnership between SLSG and Demosphere really hits the mark!

The SLSG team previously launched Demosphere’s integrated online registration system for some of their camps and ancillary programs. This recent working session focused on some of the more in-depth components of the system for their larger programs including:

Cheatwood and the SLSG group then discussed solutions for team formation using auto-roster tools via the team invitation process, as well as drag and drop team building with Demosphere’s powerful registration management solution.

Demosphere is really excited about our partnership with St. Louis Scott Gallagher and the opportunity to help them #GetIntegrated to streamline their administrative workflow so they can focus on what they do best: create and grow programs that develop our youth through sport.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your youth sports organization do the same!

Demosphere and Copper Mountain Rec Soccer Expand Partnership

Pictured (left to right): Ted Sonnenburg (CMS), Camille Cheatwood (Demosphere), Racquel Augat (CMS)
Pictured (left to right): Ted Sonnenburg (CMS), Camille Cheatwood (Demosphere), Racquel Augat (CMS)

Demosphere’s Senior Account Manager, Camille Cheatwood, recently made the trip to beautiful Utah to meet with the Copper Mountain Soccer (CMS) team to discuss an expansion of our partnership. Our enhanced solutions will include creation of a new youth soccer website to help in their re-branding efforts to their newly re-envisioned Copper Mountain Rec Soccer name.

While in Utah, Cheatwood met with the CMS team for a working session to review best practices relative to our current partnership which includes online player registration and league scheduling tools. This streamlined solution is vital to the success of their organization, and with the addition of a new and improved website, Demosphere plans to help CMS reach their goal of being a premier, fully integrated, youth soccer club.

Demosphere is proud to support the efforts of Copper Mountain Soccer in achieving their mission to provide a place where all children have an opportunity to learn the sport of soccer and to have fun doing it. Demosphere’s goal is to provide leading-edge, integrated technology solutions to youth sports organizations to allow partners to focus more on what matters most: creating programs that help grow and develop our youth through sport.

If you’re interested to learn more about what Demosphere can do to help your organization #GetIntegrated, contact us today!

Claim Your Free Custom RosterPro® Reports All November Long!

Kick off the holiday season with an early present from Demosphere – the Top 10 Most Requested Custom Reports for your RosterPro® Registration System!

The Demosphere Team has put together the ten most requested custom-built registration reports from 2015, ranging from Deposit By Competition to Volunteer Buy Out to help organizations track registration data like never before during the upcoming season.

Take full advantage of your registrant data with these reports:

1. Deposit By Competition

Sort your organization’s registration deposits by competition (sport) using the Deposit By Competition report! This report includes Competition Name, Item Type, Item Payment Total, and Deposit Date.

2. Registration By Gender

The Registration By Gender report breaks down how many male and female registrants signed up for each program using the Program Name and Participant Gender categories.


3. Program Email Addresses

Interested in exporting email addresses from certain programs with the same keyword in the Program Name? Take advantage of the Program Email Addresses report and export the registrant email addresses from Programs containing a specific word. To use this report, filter the Program Name upon your keyword and set the report to show any Registration Date after your timeframe.

4. Custom Form Responses

Using the Custom Form Responses report, administrators are able to browse the answers to all custom data fields from each registrant. Filter on a specific Season’s form responses and the comprehensive report includes Participant Name, Registration Date, Status, Custom Data, and the full list of Form Responses.


5. Payments By Team

The Payments By Team report categorizes payments made by individual registrants according to Season and Group Name. The report also includes Household Name, Order Item, and Amount.

6. Fee By Participant

Fees are broken down by Registrant Name and Amount Paid in the Fee By Participant report. Group fees based on Registrant Name, Season Name, Competition, or Group.

7. Form Responses By Household

The Form Responses By Household report allows administrators to browse through Households, filtered by their Seasonal Form Responses. The report includes Household Name, Participant Name, Form Responses, Order Amount Due and Paid.

8. Form Responses By Team

The Form Responses By Team report, filtered upon a particular season, showcases the Registrants Name, Email, Team Name and Form Responses. 

9. Export To Governing Body

Does a Governing Body require specific information from your database each year? Utilize this report to organize the necessary categories.


10. Volunteer Buy Out

The Volunteer Buy Out report shows a concise list of Opt-Out Volunteer Fees. The quick report displays Household Name, Item Type, and Team Name.

Interested in using these reports for your organization?

Current RosterPro® System users can claim all ten reports at no additional cost throughout the entire month of November! Contact your Account Representative or to claim your custom reports!

New to Demosphere’s registration system? All new members joining the RosterPro® family during the month of November will receive the bonus package of all ten of the most requested custom reports to start off the registration process on the best foot possible!

Schedule a free demo with the Demosphere Team to get more information on the RosterPro® Registration System and download the bonus package of custom-built reports at

Enhanced Financial Tracking With New Accounting Codes

Demosphere is streamlining the administrative process even further for administrators with the latest RosterPro® Registration System update.

Administrators are now able to track how much money has been received (grouped by code) during the accounting reconciliation process by creating and assigning Accounting Codes.

Accounting Codes

Once the Site Administrator has created their desired Accounting Codes and Descriptions, those codes can then be assigned to Programs and Fees – allowing organizations to track revenue by Accounting Code for reporting purposes.

Accounting Codes can be added to the Program level or to specific Seasonal Fees. The Accounting Code field for Seasonal Fees will default to the code assigned to the Program, unless otherwise set by the Administrator.

After the Accounting Codes are linked with the desired Programs and/or Seasonal Fees, Administrators can then take advantage of a new report, Accounting Report by Code. 

Accounting Report By Code

The report displays the total amount of money attributed to each Accounting Code – including Donations, Volunteer Opt-Out Fees, Merchant Fees, Chargebacks and all other Accounting Codes setup by the Site Administrator – for a specific deposit date range.

For more information on how your organization can take advantage of the new Accounting Code feature, reference the Updates Log on the RosterPro® Registration System dashboard or contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @