Enhanced Financial Tracking With New Accounting Codes

Demosphere is streamlining the administrative process even further for administrators with the latest RosterPro® Registration System update.

Administrators are now able to track how much money has been received (grouped by code) during the accounting reconciliation process by creating and assigning Accounting Codes.

Accounting Codes

Once the Site Administrator has created their desired Accounting Codes and Descriptions, those codes can then be assigned to Programs and Fees – allowing organizations to track revenue by Accounting Code for reporting purposes.

Accounting Codes can be added to the Program level or to specific Seasonal Fees. The Accounting Code field for Seasonal Fees will default to the code assigned to the Program, unless otherwise set by the Administrator.

After the Accounting Codes are linked with the desired Programs and/or Seasonal Fees, Administrators can then take advantage of a new report, Accounting Report by Code. 

Accounting Report By Code

The report displays the total amount of money attributed to each Accounting Code – including Donations, Volunteer Opt-Out Fees, Merchant Fees, Chargebacks and all other Accounting Codes setup by the Site Administrator – for a specific deposit date range.

For more information on how your organization can take advantage of the new Accounting Code feature, reference the Updates Log on the RosterPro® Registration System dashboard or contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @ blog.demosphere.com.

How Did They Do That: Invitees

Competitive and travel programs that require players to tryout before being added to the roster are designed to compile the best players in each age group.

After conducting tryouts, the Administrator will want to create a list of players who have been selected to participate in the program. Only those selected will have the ability to register.

In order to implement this tryout to travel scenario in your own organization, follow one of the three methods listed below using the RosterPro® Registration System:

Method One

Create the invitee list at the seasonal level. Only players on this list will see this special season as an option during public registration.

1. When managing the season, under the Season Settings tab, locate the blue Edit Eligibility/Limit button.

Season Settings Tab

2. Select the Season Invitees tab within the dialog window and turn the feature “ON” to create an invite list.

Invitee List On

3. Invite players using the + Invite Player button. Choose the Program/Competition the players will be selected from (i.e. Tryouts) and the Season. Check the box next to the players that you wish to add to the invite list.

Add Invitees

To add additional players from another program or season, repeat steps 1 through 3.


Method Two

Create the invite list within the season structure for any/all of the seasonal groupings.

1. When managing the season, under the Season Structure tab, find the grouping that you would like to make an invitee-only group and click the blue edit button next to the Group Name.

Season Structure

2. Navigate to the Group Invitees tab in the window. Turn the Invite feature to “ON”.

Invitee Only List

Administrators can only add a group list for seasons that don’t already have a Seasonal Invite list created for the entire season (Method One). To add group lists for various groupings, you must first turn off the season invitees feature in the Season Settings.

3. Click the + Invite Player button and choose the desired players.

Add Invitees

If you create an invite list for one of the groupings using this method, only players on the list can register for that grouping. However, other players that are eligible to participate in one of the other groups of that season will still be able to register for those groupings.


Method Three

Create a custom code for accepted players to input during the Public Registration Process.

1. Begin by creating a custom data field in the Data Reporting & Management tab under Custom Data Management.

Custom Data Management

When creating a custom data field to be used as an exclusive code, only the text input option should be used for this purpose.

2. Connect the new custom data field with the eligibility settings at the season level by selecting the Edit Eligibility/ Limit button in Season Management. Within the Eligibility Settings tab, check the Custom Data option and select the Code option.

Season Settings Code

Once the code has been created, only registrants that enter this specific code will see the program listed as an option during the public registration process.

3. Custom eligibility can also be set through the Season Structure tab. After locating the group in need of custom eligibility, choose the edit button next to the Group Name.

Under the Grouping Eligibility Settings, check the box next to Custom Data and input the code.

Seasonal Grouping Code

Interested in more information about the RosterPro® Registration System or how to create your invite-only program? Reach out to Demosphere today at sales @ blog.demosphere.com for a free demo!

New Custom Eligibility Settings Available

The latest enhancement to the RosterPro® Registration System allows administrators to further customize seasonal/program eligibility.

The RosterPro® System has always allowed for eligibility to be set based upon age and gender for seasons and seasonal groupings. With the addition of the new feature, administrators are now able to take eligibility customization one step further by creating custom data fields.

For example, seasonal/grouping eligibility can now be determined by custom fields such as:

  • Grade
  • School
  • Zip Code
  • Region/State
  • Special Code
  • And More!

If an organization has certain programs that are only offered to registrants in a certain region, for example, they can create custom eligibility by creating a custom data field in the Data Reporting & Management tab.

Custom Data Management

When creating a custom data field, administrators can choose an input style of text, dropdown, checkbox, or memo. To use a custom field for eligibility restrictions, only the text and dropdown options can be used.

Custom Attribute

All custom data fields created in the Data Management section will appear in Step 2.1 during the public registration process.

Registration Step

Administrators can connect the new custom data field with the eligibility settings at the season level by selecting the Edit Eligibility/Limit button in Season Management. Within the pop-up window, check the Custom Data option and select the corresponding accepted value. Multiple values can be selected using the Ctrl/Command key.

Edit Season Settings

If the settings are set to Region: Northeast for example, only registrants that identify with the northeast will see this season listed as an option during the public registration process.

Custom eligibility can also be set through the Season Structure tab. After locating the group in need of custom eligibility, choose the edit button next to the Group Name.

Under the Grouping Eligibility Settings, check the box next to Custom Data and choose which items to include.

Edit Season Structure

Following either process listed above, administrators can also include codes as custom data fields. For exclusive or travel programs, create a custom code and distribute it to desired registrants. Only registrants who enter this code during the public registration process will see the season/program available for selection.

For more information on this updated eligibility feature, contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @ blog.demosphere.com.

Adjusting Fees For Amended Volunteer Registration

If a registrant chose to opt-out of volunteering for a specific season with an opt-out fee applied, the Household would subsequently be charged for their decision.

However, if that registrant then decides that they would like to volunteer, the Club Administrator would be responsible for removing the opt-out fee from their Household in the following steps:

Register to Volunteer

The registrant looking to volunteer would first need to log into the system and Register a Volunteer for the desired season.


Remove Fee

The Club Administrator would then proceed by removing the original opt-out fee from the account.

After locating the desired Household within the Household Management section, the Administrator is able to navigate to the Order History tab and locate the order with the opt-out fee charged.

Simply click on Manage Unpaid Payments and adjust the opt-out fee to zero.


If the order (opt-out fee included) had already been paid, the Club Administrator would then need to generate a refund for the fee amount.

For further assistance managing unpaid payments and volunteer fees contact Demosphere Support at support @ blog.demosphere.com.

It’s Time To Take Your Privacy Back!

Privacy PolicyYouth sports organizations have a responsibility to protect the personal sensitive data of their members, especially children.

How much do you really know about how your registration provider is using your data?

If your privacy policy contains statements about data sharing with outside partners or vendors, be wary of where your members’ information is being sent for your provider’s own financial gain.

Although commonly believed that U.S. consumers are content with having their personal data collected as long as they receive a benefit in return, a new report from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication reveals that those beliefs were just a fallacy perpetrated by marketers.

The report surveyed 1,506 Americans to prove that marketers have given “false justifications for allowing the collection and use of all kinds of consumer data often in ways that the public find objectionable.”

The results support the new explanation that consumers are not happy with having their data collected, but that the majority are actually resigning to the inevitable. This group of consumers believes that the undesirable outcome is bound to happen in the end and feels powerless to intervene.

It’s time to protect your organization’s privacy and take the power back into your own hands!

With Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System, your member data is private and secure. Rest assured that your members’ personal information will not be sent to outside partners, other vendors, or marketing firms.

Over 2,500 organizations trust Demosphere to keep their information safe, and you can too! Contact us at sales@blog.demosphere.com to discuss how the RosterPro® System can benefit your organization.