Complete Your Order Payment With Credit Card

Money makes the world go round…and it doesn’t hurt youth sports organizations either.

Make sure your organization is collecting all of it’s due funds this season by allowing Household Administrators to log back into the RosterPro® Registration System and pay with credit card following these simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to My Household

Once Household Administrators are logged into RosterPro®, the first step in completing a credit card payment is to navigate to My Household Information. From there, locate the View My Household Info button to proceed.

Household Administrators gain access to the RosterPro® System using the same link as Site Administrators. All members should be signing into the system using the /_login link. The /_registration link is only used to process new registrants and should not be used in this scenario.


Step 2: Select Desired Order

Within the Registration Order History tab, Household Administrators will then choose from the list of open orders located on the lefthand side of the screen under Orders By Date.

Once the desired order has been selected, click the green Pay with CC button on the righthand side.

Step 3: Selected Payment Method

The Make A Payment dialog will appear. Household Administrators will then continue to complete the fields with their credit card information.

The Admin will have the option of retaining the card’s information for other remaining order installments, or using the information only for the current order.

Payment Method

For assistance with the credit card payment feature, contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @

Two RosterPro® Links All Administrators Must Share

When it comes to registration, there are two important links that need to be shared with all members utilizing the RosterPro® Registration System:

The Registration Link

The first link is the Registration link, which acts as the portal for processing new registrations. This link should be easily accessible on an organization’s website to draw in new registrants.

This RosterPro® Registration link looks similar to this:

You can find your specific URL under the Registrations Settings tab.

Registration Link

The Login Link

The second link is the Login link, which allows members to log into their Household, manage member/household information, access their household orders, and make payments for orders that have a balance due.

This Login link is the same link that administrators use to login as a Site Administrator:

To avoid member confusion, please make sure you post both links on your website – one to register and one to login.

If you have any questions regarding your Registration and Login links, reach out to Demosphere at

Seasonal Groupings Dominate Latest RosterPro® Update

The latest release of RosterPro® features is here! Check out the newest enhancements to three different components within the RosterPro® Registration System.

Program Setup

  • Seasonal Groupings: Administrators are now able to set customized open and close dates for Seasonal Groupings within the RosterPro® Registration System.

Seasonal Dates

Household Management

  • Financial Aid: Site administrators can now register participants and select the Financial Aid option for specific individuals – without having to turn the Financial Aid option on for all season registrants.

Financial Aid

  • Fees: In support of the fee reporting, site administrators can make payments, provide refunds and adjustments, as well as set up installments for the individual fees that make up an order.fees
  • Registration Status: Registration Status can be adjusted when recording payments or refunds.
  • Volunteers: Site administrators can view Volunteer Registration information per household in a tabular format.

Volunteer Data

Financial Reports

  • Deposit Detail By Fee: Within the Deposit Detail by Fee report, administrators can now display the Program, Season, Seasonal Grouping, Fee Name, and Deposited Fee Amount.Deposit Detail By Fee
  • Participant Count By Seasonal Grouping: The Participant Count report now displays the number of Active Participants, Active Male/Female, Pending Payments, Pending Financial Aid, Waitlist Limits, plus the amount Paid, Due, and Refunded by Seasonal Grouping.

Participant Count


Need help taking advantage of these new features? Contact Demosphere’s Support Team for more information.

Track Financial Aid Effectively With RosterPro®

FinancialAidYouth sports organizations offer many varieties of financial aid to registrants, and now it’s easy to manage those processes with Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System!

Administrators can now easily indicate which programs are eligible for financial aid, and registrants can apply for aid as part of their registration.

Once registrants apply for aid, administrators can review a full list of applicants and make case-by-case determinations of whether aid is given or not.

The overall process is simple, straight-forward, and also confidential – other parents will not know who applied for aid. The ability to log all of this information in RosterPro® (rather than offline on paper forms) will save administrators time and enable them to potentially more flexibility to registrants than ever before.

The below video highlights this feature in more detail. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Support Team!

In Duluth, Youth Soccer Grows But Others Suffer

Youth Sports participation is shrinking in Duluth

More competition and fewer kids is the theme of a recent story in the Duluth News Tribune about youth sports enrollment.

Within the city, K-12 enrollment is down 23% compared to 10 years ago. With a smaller pie to work with, some youth sports are struggling to stay viable – especially with more sports offered than ever before.

In particular, traditional sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey have all seen at least a 30% decrease in enrollment over the past ten years.

Soccer and Lacrosse Growing

What’s growing? Soccer and Lacrosse. The local youth soccer program has over 6,000 registrants – five times the number of hockey registrants – the second most popular sport. Lacrosse is growing rapidly as well, especially considering the local organization didn’t exist in Duluth ten years ago.

The Right Message

Thankfully, Dave Geary, the local soccer administrator, has the right message. He doesn’t want to “compete with other sports” because “we’re all here for the same thing.”

The goal is to get kids active and teach life lessons. The question, though, is how to keep all the sports sustainable into the future.

What do you think?