Discounts to Create? Demosphere Can Help!

Looking to provide registration discounts for your members? Demosphere can help! With Demosphere’s flexible online registration system, there are several options.

One option is to set up a discount code within the season settings. You can then communicate this code to members to enter during registration.  Another option is to create a unique discount for a specific player or family.  This option will automatically apply the discount during registration. 

The steps below outline how this process works:
  1. From the main dashboard, navigate to the RosterPro > Household Management tab. Search for the name of the household in question.  Click on the name of the household in the “Household Name” column to go the the Household’s profile:1
  2. While on the “Household Information & Members” tab, scroll down and click on the green “Add New Discount” button2
  3. Enter in the following items in the dialog screen:
    • Title – the name of the discount (this will appear on the registration receipt)
    • Amount – this will be the amount the household will receive off of their registration
    • Associated To (optional) – the member of the household to whom the discount should apply (if no member is chosen, the discount can be applied to any family member)
    • Remark (optional) – notes or details you’d like to document (this will appear on the registration receipt)
    • Season – choose the relevant season.  Please note, you must associate the discount with a particular season for it to apply.
    • Send email checkbox – check this box if you’d like to email a notification to the admin(s) of the household.3
  1. When the household registers for the selected season, the discount will be automatically applied to the registration.  The household will see it listed in step 2.7 and 5.1:


Demosphere’s goal to create the most robust, customizable and user-friendly registration system for youth sports organizations. Contact us today to learn more:!

Real Users Shaping the Future of RosterPro®


We’ve all become accustomed to a generation of information overload. Inboxes get cluttered and days get busy.

It’s not surprising in the least that administrators who dedicate themselves to managing the registration of their clubs have no time to waste. Every second spent on registration management counts, and these individuals know better than anyone how important it is to be efficient.

With a steady determination to help expedite our RosterPro® Registration System users, Demosphere reached out to the people who use the system daily – RosterPro Administrators – and asked them to provide us with unfiltered feedback and their recommendations about where they’d like to see the system go in the future.

dmv-user-groupDemosphere users from across the Washington DC area gathered on Thursday evening to socialize and share with fellow RosterPro Registration System administrators and Demosphere staff.

Attendees offered their own systems to demonstrate how to utilize certain new features, suggested how to improve each other’s processes, and participated in an open forum discussion to have a say in the future development of RosterPro.

Led by Demosphere’s Executive Vice President, Kris Baker, the User Group was given an exclusive look into RosterPro’s product roadmap of upcoming scheduled feature releases – and an in-person demonstration of our new TeamNet™ team communication platform!

In addition to providing great feedback, the User Group served as a unique opportunity to mingle with other administrators in the area over cocktails and appetizers.

Don’t just take out word for it! Hear what some of the event’s attendees had to say:

Thanks Demosphere…Great event yesterday! I enjoyed having the opportunity to hear how other clubs & organizations are utilizing the array of features available in RosterPro. The TeamNet™ feature is a very exciting development along with Background Check integration.  I look forward to attending future User Group seminars!

– Mark Abbott, Chantilly Youth Association, Inc.

The User Forum was absolutely fabulous. It was so nice to be able to speak with others who not only use the RosterPro® system, but who also can speak to how they use it and what they like and don’t like. I got so many good ideas, new ways to approach set up and a great insight into what is to come from RosterPro® and TeamNet.”

– Annie Gavett, Maryland Soccer Foundation, Inc.

I really enjoyed coming to the User Group session yesterday, just the way that everyone shared what their clubs did with RosterPro® or other Demosphere product.  You can learn new things and help out other users.  Also meeting up with the Demosphere staff and seeing the presentation of the roadmap is very helpful.

– Corky Webster, Northern Virginia Soccer Club

Are you a RosterPro Administrator who would like to contribute to the future of the RosterPro System? Send us an email to let us know you’d like us to host a User Group in your area!

As always, feel free to email us your feedback or talk to a member of Demosphere Support.

User Group Photos

Communicate With Any Season, Grouping, or Team

Site Administrators and Age Group Commissioners can communicate with any Season, Grouping, or Team they have access to through broadcast emails directly from the Season Structure tab.

Rather than granting full permission to the Communication Center to send emails to one specific team, now AGCs/Limited Access users can send emails with the click of a button to assigned groups.
An email message composition screen will appear, pre-filtered depending on which level the Administrator chose to email. Filter recipients even further by Players, Parents and/or Team Staff.


For more information on this new feature, contact Demosphere Support.

Track By Birth Year To Comply With U.S. Soccer’s New Requirements

us-soccerNeed to update your registration system to comply with U.S. Soccer’s new birth year standards?

You are not alone! The majority of youth soccer organizations need to update their registration methods recently to meet U.S. Soccer’s new birth-year registration initiative.

With Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System, it’s easy to track registrants by birth-year and place them into the correct age group.

Option 1: Set Eligibility Settings

The first option available to organizations is to set the date of birth range in the Season Structure for each seasonal grouping. Adding the Birthdate Range will auto-place players into their appropriate group.

In the example below we’ve edited the U10 Age Group to add the Birthdate Range 01/01/2005 through 12/31/2005 in the Grouping Eligibility area. All registrants born within this range will automatically be placed in the U10 grouping.


Option 2: Custom Data Field

If your organization would like to specifically track a separate field for “Year of Birth,” follow the steps listed below to create a custom data field:

1. Custom Data Field Creation

Create a custom data field for registration participants called “Birth Year” in the Data Reporting & Management tab.

During this step, select the Dropdown Input Type to ensure uniform responses across all registrants. Include all options that pertain to your organization in the Selection Options section.

The field should be set to Required.


2. Set Eligibility

When setting up the Season Structure, custom eligibility settings can be created to ensure players are placed into the proper grouping. Edit any seasonal grouping and click the Custom Data checkbox on the eligibility tab.

Select the Birth Year custom data field and select the acceptable value for the grouping you are working on.


The required birth year data field will be filled out during public registration and players will be automatically placed into the proper birth year, based on the eligibility that was created.

Need a little help setting up your system? Contact Demosphere Support at support @ with any questions regarding either of the above methods.


New Identifier Codes Make Each Player Unique

Identifying a single player across third parties and within your own system can become a game of matching if their profile isn’t properly tagged.

With unique identifiers in the RosterPro Registration System, players and staff are consistently labeled and identified every time!

All individuals in the RosterPro System are now assigned a special identifier code that will maintain consistency when displaying them on ID cards or reporting data to third parties, such as State Associations.

The ID that has been created for an individual in the RosterPro Registration System will carry over to their profile in the TeamNet platform, and vice versa, making sure that the ID remains the same across all RosterPro Systems the user is registered to.

The unique identifier is generated in an easy to read, concise format.


The unique identifiers for each player and staff member can be found in multiple locations under the UUID field.

For more specific information on where to locate your unique identifiers, please refer to the Support Center or contact Demosphere Support at