Update A RosterPro Method of Payment From TeamNet

The TeamNet platform provides Household Administrators with a comprehensive list of all registration orders that have been placed for their Household on any RosterPro® Registration System site.

The order history indicates the date the order was placed, the organization it was placed for, the number of remaining payments, and the amount still due.

Rather than manually navigating to each organization’s registration system, locating the order, and making a payment separately – TeamNet’s order history links directly to the RosterPro® order to make updating payment methods and making payments as simple as possible!

Locating TeamNet Orders

To access your full list of registrations, click into the My Household section and then click into the third tab, Orders.

This section will alert the Household Administrator of any remaining payments left on a particular order, and the remaining amount due.


Update Your Payment Method

To make a payment, or update the payment method on a particular order, click on the linked date. Clicking on this link will redirect the Household Administrator to the Registration Order History in the corresponding RosterPro® Registration System.

Once redirected to the RosterPro® Registration System, Household Administrators can edit their payment info per usual.


If there are multiple registrations placed on the same date, make sure you are editing the correct order payment.

For more information on how to switch between the TeamNet platform and the RosterPro® Registration System contact Demosphere Support at support@blog.demosphere.com.

Data Management Merge Process Temporarily Closed

The Households and Households Members data merge process in RosterPro® has been temporarily closed.

For now, the existing Data Resolution Tools tab remains under the Data Reporting & Management accordion. However, the accordion window temporarily displays a message indicating that the Household Merge process is on hold.


Please keep checking back for updates on the Data Resolution Tools section, or contact support@blog.demosphere.com for more information.

RosterPro Users Can Now Send Teams To TeamNet!

RosterPro® Registration System teams can now be sent to Demosphere’s newest team communication platform – TeamNet™ – with the push of a button.

The TeamNet platform was built specifically with Coaches and Team Contacts in mind, giving them the ability to independently manage their Teams!

The system incorporates the ability to view and manage team rosters and members, communicate directly with various team members, and organize the team’s calendar of events.

How To Send Teams From RosterPro

Once teams and rosters are built in the registration management section of the RosterPro System, the Site Administrator will be able to send teams to the TeamNet platform in one of three locations:

  • Any individual Team (from Registration Management)
  • Any Seasonal Grouping (from Season Structure)
  • The Season (from Season Structure)


If the button is clicked for a Seasonal Grouping, all Teams for that grouping will be included. If the button is clicked for a Season, all Teams will be included.

Team Contact, Player, and Parent information received by TeamNet will automatically create team members.

Team Contacts will receive an email notification that their team has been created on the TeamNet platform, along with granted TeamNet login access.

Team Contacts will have full access to all TeamNet capabilities – including supervising rosters, managing team members, communicating with members and organizing team calendars.

For more information on the new TeamNet platform or how to push your RosterPro Registration System teams, reach out to Demosphere Support at support@blog.demosphere.com.

Collect Uploaded Documents During Your Registration Process

Does your organization require physical documents from registrants before they’re able to participate?

Now you can collect as many files/documents as your organization requires during the registration process – including signed waivers, photos, birth certificates, insurance cards, and more – with the new custom File Upload feature in RosterPro!

Create Your Attributes

Imagine that your upcoming season requires each registrant to provide a wet signature (electronic signatures not accepted) on a waiver in order to be assigned to a team. Rather than collecting a physical copy of each player’s waiver, collect and track the documents directly in the RosterPro.

Begin by creating custom File Upload attributes in the Data Reporting & Management dashboard.

Under the Custom Data Management tab, a new Input Type option, titled File Upload, is now available!


When a registrant comes across the Signed Waiver section during the public registration process, clicking the Choose File area will open their local file browser.

Once a document has been uploaded the file will appear as linked text next to the Attribute Title (Signed Waiver). Clicking that text will open the file in a new tab/window.

View Files Collected

To see all of the waivers your club has collected, return to the Data Reporting & Management dashboard.

A new tab, titled Custom Data File Management, displays an outline of all Data Categories and their respective File Uploads by Attribute Title.

Clicking the Signed Waiver attribute creates a table with the file link, the size of the file, and the user who uploaded the document.


Filter Broadcast Emails

Have you noticed that you’re still short five signed waivers?

Now you can send broadcast emails to specific groups of individuals based on whether they have uploaded files during registration.

All Filter Upload Attributes are considered Custom Data. Therefore, when setting Additional Filters in a broadcast email, select Custom Data and the File Upload of your choice (in this case Signed Waivers).

To select all registrants that have not uploaded their signed waivers yet, select the “is blank” setting.


For assistance setting up custom File Upload attributes of your own, contact Demosphere Support at support @ blog.demosphere.com.

Set Unlimited Fees For Any Seasonal Grouping!

Imagine creating your upcoming registration season and realizing that only one team will be required to buy a new uniform.

Now you’re faced with a dilemma: do you require that one team to pay in cash for their uniforms outside of the electronic registration process?

With the latest Demosphere update, Site Administrators are now able to associate unlimited fees to any Seasonal Grouping within the RosterPro® Registration System. Charge one individual team within a season for as many unique fees as you need!

How It’s Done:

Under Seasonal Registration Setup, navigate to the Season Structure tab.

From the Season Structure, select the blue edit button in the righthand corner of the group you’d like to apply multiple fees to.

A dialog box will appear which includes the Seasonal Grouping Fees option. Clicking the Edit Fee option will allow you to choose from a comprehensive list of all fees set up within the season.


Adding a Uniform Fee to the U6 Age Group will add this charge onto all registrants signing up for the U6 Group in this particular season. The Uniform Fee will not be applied to the other Age Groups within this season unless otherwise set.

All individual Seasonal Grouping Fees are listed and totaled during both the Select Season and the Order Review steps of the Public Registration Process.

On the Client Household Order History tab, all individual Seasonal Grouping Fees are listed and totaled.

Individual Seasonal Grouping Fees may be refunded separately.

For further assistance setting up multiple fees for seasonal groupings, contact Demosphere Support at support @ blog.demosphere.com!