Google’s 2014 World Cup Logo Goes Global

Google World Cup Logo

Google premiered a new logo last week to kick off the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The animation uses an alternative font for the word “Google” that transforms into World Cup players after a green and yellow soccer ball bounces across the screen. The background changes to a landscape set in Rio De Janeiro, which is one of the several cities in Brazil where the tournament this year is being held.

Sugarloaf Mountain, a rotating sun, and the Christ the Redeemer statue on top of Corcovado Mountain are a few of the distinctive details that make up the logo’s scenic background.

Clicking on the homepage logo provides search results for “World Cup 2014” including tournament listings that show which teams are playing and their match times. Additionally, Google Street View coverage is available so fans can see inside and outside of the 12 different stadiums that will house the games.

The doodle design has changed to different soccer-themed versions since Thursday, but Google has shared the various World Cup logos since the start of the tournament through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Users can also click through to the Google Doodles Archive above the “Share” link at the top right of the logo to look at multiple illustrations.

What do you think about Google’s various 2014 World Cup logos?

Youth Player with Tourette’s Suspended for Swearing – Right or Wrong?

Owen Thompson - Suspended Player - Image © SWNS Group

Last month, a 15 year old goalkeeper in England was suspended after swearing at a referee. The player has Tourette’s syndrome and is prone to ‘uncontrolled outbursts.’

The initial judgment of a £25 fine and two-match ban was appealed and slightly reduced to a £15 fine and a one-match ban.

In their decision, the governing body indicated the player’s “lack of respect” in not talking to the referee afterward was not connected to his medical condition.

Do you agree with the assessment? Should the player have been suspended for his actions? Do you think the player will learn from this experience?