DC SCORES Wins Big at United Expressions Benefit

Demosphere’s Kris Baker proudly attended the United Expressions benefit event this week, gathering for a special evening to bring art and soccer together in support of DC SCORES.


The DC chapter of America Scores is a non-profit organization which serves kids in need through programs that build confidence and skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life. Through a unique combination of soccer, poetry/spoken word, and service-learning, the organization helps over 2,200 kids in 55 schools develop into healthy teens and young adults.


The evening, which took place at the Hyphen Galley in DC, was well attended by members of DC United, DC SCORES, and friends and family of artists John Brendan Guinan and DC United’s Head Coach, Ben Olsen. Both artists graciously donated several pieces of artwork, with proceeds going toward DC SCORES in anticipation of contributing to a meaningful difference in thousands of kids’ lives.


Several DC SCORES members performed original poetry for the crowd in between mingling with the artists, DC United players, browsing works of art and enjoying the delicious food donated by Mindful Restaurant Group. It was truly an amazing evening bringing two seemingly uncommon worlds together: Soccer and Art.


Demosphere is extremely proud to be a supporter of DC SCORES to help the local community in support of the development of our youth through soccer, poetry, leadership and more. We encourage you to consider contributing to the organization, or to a similar affiliate in your area. If you have a similar organization in your area that you’d like to share, please post your comments below.

Part of Demosphere’s mission involves providing continuous support of the youth sports community, which we have been contributing since our beginning almost 27 years ago. Our goal in this realm is to help build community connections by sharing ideas and investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

The Complete Guide To Sponsors

SponsorsSponsorships can add credibility and financial backing to any website – but finding potential sponsors for your organization is a process that involves multiple moving variables.

From how to attract desirable sponsors to which analytics information to share, the mechanics behind online sponsorships require attention from Administrators and Webmasters looking to increase their annual sponsorship revenue.

Demosphere’s Complete Guide To Sponsors has compiled various webinars, research, and articles as they relate to sponsorships into one compact resource center to make the process as simple as possible.

Choose from one of the categories below to get started on improving your relationships with potential/existing sponsors:

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Sponsorship Statistics
[two_third_last]Sponsorship Statistics
Does your organization fall above/below the average number of sponsors? Are you meeting the average amount of financial income from sponsorships? Which methods have proven to be the most successful? To answer all of these questions and get to the bottom of online sponsorship statistics for youth sports, Demosphere conducted the Sponsorship Survey.[/two_third_last]

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Add Sponsors To Your Site
[two_third_last]Add Sponsors To Your Site
A somewhat obvious, but often overlooked, step in attracting sponsors is to display basic information on your website. This webinar discussed many of the factors behind attracting sponsors – dedicating a website page, what analytics information to share, and proper formatting tips.[/two_third_last]

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How To Seal The Sponsor Deal
[two_third_last]How To Seal The Sponsor Deal
Whether actively seeking sponsors or not, if a potential sponsor wants to donate to your organization make it easy for them to spend their money. Demosphere researched sports organizations and their efforts towards potential sponsors to uncover the proper approach to communication.[/two_third_last]

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Track Your Sponsor Clicks
[two_third_last]Track Your Sponsor Clicks
Create a unique, identifying link for your sponsor images and track the number of clicks received by each with Google Analytics following this simple process.[/two_third_last]

[one_third][button link=”https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=IBIDIT2vSLen0N11UctKMw” size=”medium”]

Free Analytics Template

[two_third_last]Free Analytics Template
Providing relevant Google Analytics statistics can serve as a way to encourage sponsorships. Figure out how many visits your website receives over a set timeframe, pinpoint your most popular pages, and learn how to show visitor growth all within one dashboard.[/two_third_last]

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Sponsor Image Options
[two_third_last]Sponsor Image Options
This webinar shows Administrators the many layout options available to them when deciding where to place and format sponsor images on their website.[/two_third_last]

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Sponsors & Local Business
[two_third_last]Sponsors & Local Business
Traditionally, local businesses view sponsorships as a way for them to give back to their local community. The real-life story of car dealers and Tesla Motors acts as an example of how interacting with local businesses can help your club increase sponsorship revenue.[/two_third_last]

In addition to the resources above, other factors can contribute to monetizing your website. For more information on alternative options, setting up your website for success, and analyzing Google Analytics information view the items below:

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Other Ways To Monetize

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Website Checklist

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More Google Analytics


Looking for some quick advice and recommendations? Contact Demosphere today and we’ll offer some tips to help you stand out!

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Working With New Sponsors

MoneySponsors are an invaluable asset to any organization – no matter the sport or size.

According to the results of Demosphere’s Sponsorship Survey, organizations can earn an extra $5,000-10,000 in annual sponsorship revenue with a few simple steps of preparation.

Yet, experience continues to prove that some organizations are ignoring the importance of sponsorships. Whether actively seeking sponsors or not, if a potential sponsor wants to donate to your organization make it easy for them to spend their money.

After searching the websites of prominent sports organizations for rate cards and details, Demosphere reached out to multiple groups in hopes of acquiring more information. From there, a clear divide was evident.

Groups with higher levels of exposure placed less importance on communicating with potential sponsors (Demosphere) and continued to push response deadlines further into the future. In one particular example, it took over two months countless phone/email exchanges to figure out the pricing options available.

The second group contains organizations that advertise on a smaller scale, with less exposure to offer, but eagerly communicating to make the sponsorship connection as simple as possible. This group followed up multiple times to try and make a sale, positioning themselves as a reliable and appreciative recipient.

When an organization reaches out to your sponsorship contact for more information, be prepared to provide clarification in a timely manner. Potential sponsors reaching out are prepared to donate money to your organization, but the offer might not last for long. A clarification email acts as an indicator of how your future relationship could go if they choose to pursue the sponsorship agreement. Act as quickly and professionally as possible to secure the deal and earn money for your organization.

If you’re interested in gaining new sponsors for your organization, below are a few more helpful steps to start you on your way:

Encourage Sponsors To Contact You

Although it may seem obvious to some, this first step is often commonly overlooked by Site Administrators when building a website’s pages. In order to attract sponsors to your organization, display basic information to facilitate the process for all parties involved.

Create a page on your website solely dedicated to your organization’s sponsorship efforts. Give potential sponsors a reason to donate, provide some background, list important links and forms, and share a designated contact. Highlight the benefits that organizations will receive in exchange for supporting your group. Make locating the information as simple as possible to speed up the process.

Keep Information Up-To-Date

Adding sponsorship information to your website is the first step in a process that is constantly evolving. Sponsorship information and dates often go hand-in-hand. Need a sponsor for the 2015 Tournament? Are you including Google Analytics data from 2015? Leaving outdated information posted on your sponsorship page can actually turn away potential sponsors. Make sure the sponsorship rates and dates are being reviewed annually and updated to ensure website visitors are aware that you take your sponsorship efforts seriously.

Choose Which Data To Provide

With Google Analytics and other statistic-gathering sites rising in popularity, it might surprise you that only 32 percent of Sponsorship Survey respondents felt it was necessary provide their prospective sponsors with website visitor statistic information. When sharing information with your potential sponsors be prepared to promote your organization’s website or email campaigns. Analytic information is becoming increasingly popular and it serves as the most efficient way to demonstrate your audience.

For more information on which analytics data to provide, review the Maximize Demosphere “Seeking Sponsors” webinar and grab a free Google Analytics dashboard template.

Format Images Consistently

When displaying your current sponsors’ images on your website, make sure they are formatted consistently for a uniform appearance. The formatting of your current sponsors act as indicator of how your future sponsor images will appear for potential sponsors.

Sizing is key. If the images are located in the footer of the page, or in a horizontal line, format the images to the same height. If the images are located in a sidebar, or listed vertically, set them to the same width. Using PNG formats instead of JPEGs also gives Administrators the ability to make the background transparent, giving your page a cleaner look.

Have additional tips that you’d like to share? Add your personal experience with sponsorships in the comments below!

Youth Sports Sponsorship and Local Business

Tesla Logo

As administrators know, youth sports sponsorships are a key part of a yearly budget. They allow organizations to offer scholarships, complete projects, keep member costs down, and lots more.

Traditionally, local car dealers (and other businesses) see sponsorships as a way to give back to the local community. On the positive side, if even one new vehicle purchase comes as a result of the sponsorship, car dealers will generally come out ahead.

Electric Cars and Youth Sports?

In North Carolina, recent legistlation is restricting Tesla Motors, a new electric car maker, from selling cars directly to residents – the traditional third-party dealer model reigns supreme. Local dealers see Tesla as a threat to business and have lobbied state government accordingly.

A recent article on Forbes.com called attention to the issue and proposed an interesting alternative. Rather than lobbying government like the dealers, author Bob Cook believes that an investment in youth sports is much more cost effective and capable of generating tons more goodwill.

How Do Youth Sports Organizations Ready Themselves?

As a youth sports organization, this is good news! A major media outlet is raising our profile (in general)!

To be ready when an organization comes calling, make sure your sponsorship information (as well as a contact) is easy to find on your website. Remember, your website is your organization’s front door, so make sure it looks professional, too. Compare other organizations in your area – how does your own site (and online experience as a whole) stack up?

Looking for some quick advice? Want some quick recommendations? Contact Demosphere today and we’ll offer some tips to help you stand out!

Large Sponsorships Show Value in Youth Soccer

Chevy Youth Soccer

Many youth soccer organizations wonder how they can generate additional funds via sponsorship and two large organizations have made a recent commitment to help with those efforts.

Chevrolet launched the Chevrolet Youth Soccer Program in 2012 to better connect their dealers with local youth soccer programs. Over 700 dealers participated and they generated plenty of local interest including this example in South Carolina. The program is set to run again this summer.

Additionally, the Army National Guard has gotten more involved with youth soccer in particular with events over the past year. They sponsored recent championships held by United Soccer Leagues and also have worked with US Youth Soccer.

The time and financial investment from these organizations indicates the value of youth soccer (and other youth sports) programs in their community. With an active membership in a valuable demographic, your youth sports organization should definitely be able to facilitate some sponsorships – especially at the local level.

What success have you had to date? What types of businesses are most receptive to partnerships?