Coaches: Send Invitations for Recurring Events!

coaches recurring event

Coaches: The moment you’ve been waiting for! We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re happy to announce a new feature for coaches using the Demosphere TeamNet app to communicate with their teams.

Coaches can now send invitations for recurring events. This is a great option for events like regular weekly practices.

Additionally, your members can now update their availability status for all events, including recurring events, on behalf of themselves and their child.

Now, when you are creating or editing a recurring event, you’ll see the familiar “Invitees” field to invite any/all members of the team to the event:


Selected invitees will get an invitation email and a push notification on their device upon saving the event. Invited members can then set their availability for all or each individual event from the team view after signing in to Demosphere TeamNet app. Parents can also update the availability for their child from their own dashboard.

NOTE: Remember to update your TeamNet mobile app via the App Store or Google Play to ensure you and your members can take advantage of this new feature!

We value your feedback! Please comment below with any feedback you have about this feature, or any additional features you’d like to see added!

Demosphere Is Excited to Introduce TeamNet™!

Demosphere’s comprehensive suite of online solutions welcomes its newest addition – TeamNet™!

TeamNet incorporates a new universal login system to all organizations using Demosphere for managing user profiles, households, registrations, and new team communication tools.

Team Communication

The TeamNet platform provides an additional layer of administrative functionality geared specifically toward Coaches and Team Contacts.

The system affords Coaches the ability to view and manage team rosters and members, communicate directly with various team members, and organize the team’s calendar of events.

Manage Your Teams – Choose from a list of all teams that have been assigned to your account right on the TeamNet dashboard. Selecting an available team displays that specific group’s calendar, communication center, team members and roster!

Build Your Roster – Add contacts to any team by inputting contact information and assigning them a Role. The system can automatically add the contact to the team roster based on their assigned Role.

Set Your Schedule – Customize events for your team’s calendar by selecting a date and adding event-specific information.

Communicate Effectively – Utilize basic text editing capabilities to draft broadcast email messages directly in the composition screen. Review your email broadcast history for sent and drafted messages.

System Integration

TeamNet is integrated with Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration System and League Scheduling System to facilitate simple data sharing between Demosphere’s online solutions.

As an extension of the RosterPro® Registration System, the fully integrated systems work together to ensure that once Site Administrators have completed team building within RosterPro®, coaches then have the ability to independently manage their own team rosters, members, calendars, and have a direct line of communication with their team members through TeamNet.

If a team belongs to a league that utilizes Demosphere’s League Scheduling System, games can be synced with the TeamNet calendar. The TeamNet platform will receive automatic updates when games are rescheduled within the Scheduling System.

What This Means For Households

The TeamNet platform is designed to provide users with universal login capabilities to manage their households, update profile information, and view registration history across all Demosphere-powered sites in one dashboard.

If a household member has been placed on a team, the household will also have the ability to view their team’s calendar, members, roster, and team communication from Team Contacts – all directly from the TeamNet dashboard.

TeamNet Mobile App

TeamNet is now available on-the-go with the release of the TeamNet™ Mobile App! Find it in the App Store or Google™ Play. Stay connected to your team 24/7 with the flexibility to communicate directly with players, update last-minute schedule changes, and edit profile information all from your mobile device.

For more information on the TeamNet platform or the TeamNet Mobile App, contact a member of Demosphere Support!

New Identifier Codes Make Each Player Unique

Identifying a single player across third parties and within your own system can become a game of matching if their profile isn’t properly tagged.

With unique identifiers in the RosterPro Registration System, players and staff are consistently labeled and identified every time!

All individuals in the RosterPro System are now assigned a special identifier code that will maintain consistency when displaying them on ID cards or reporting data to third parties, such as State Associations.

The ID that has been created for an individual in the RosterPro Registration System will carry over to their profile in the TeamNet platform, and vice versa, making sure that the ID remains the same across all RosterPro Systems the user is registered to.

The unique identifier is generated in an easy to read, concise format.


The unique identifiers for each player and staff member can be found in multiple locations under the UUID field.

For more specific information on where to locate your unique identifiers, please refer to the Support Center or contact Demosphere Support at

Update A RosterPro Method of Payment From TeamNet

The TeamNet platform provides Household Administrators with a comprehensive list of all registration orders that have been placed for their Household on any RosterPro® Registration System site.

The order history indicates the date the order was placed, the organization it was placed for, the number of remaining payments, and the amount still due.

Rather than manually navigating to each organization’s registration system, locating the order, and making a payment separately – TeamNet’s order history links directly to the RosterPro® order to make updating payment methods and making payments as simple as possible!

Locating TeamNet Orders

To access your full list of registrations, click into the My Household section and then click into the third tab, Orders.

This section will alert the Household Administrator of any remaining payments left on a particular order, and the remaining amount due.


Update Your Payment Method

To make a payment, or update the payment method on a particular order, click on the linked date. Clicking on this link will redirect the Household Administrator to the Registration Order History in the corresponding RosterPro® Registration System.

Once redirected to the RosterPro® Registration System, Household Administrators can edit their payment info per usual.


If there are multiple registrations placed on the same date, make sure you are editing the correct order payment.

For more information on how to switch between the TeamNet platform and the RosterPro® Registration System contact Demosphere Support at