Usability Improvements for Managing Field Permits

Demosphere has recently made some significant usability improvements to streamline the workflow for users managing their field permits!

Adding and editing field permits no longer requires a page load so users can quickly and easily manage permits within one screen. This improvement greatly reduces the amount of time spent on managing this area of the system.












Additionally, we’ve enhanced the interface of the list of permits by incorporating our Data Grid functionality, allowing users to quickly search, sort, edit, clone and even export all field permits:


Demosphere is committed to continuous improvement of our systems to ensure we’re delivering leading-edge technology to all levels of users.

Looking for more improvements? Give us your feedback today by contacting!

Selectively Close Age Group Applications For Your Next Tournament

Does your tournament tend to sell out? If so, you’ve most likely faced the following dilemma:

Your tournament is almost full, but you’re still looking for teams to fill specific brackets. You leave the application process open in an attempt to fill those final spaces. After the fact, you have to deal with rejecting the surplus of teams that apply for divisions that are already full.

Make the application process easier on yourself, and on your applying teams.

Using Demosphere’s Tournament Management System, you can now select which age groups you want to have open or closed (i.e. which age groups will be accepting new team applications).

To control the age group settings:

  • Navigate your way to the Elements Admin dashboard.
  • Click into the Team Application Manager.
  • Select Age Group settings.

Here you will see a new column called Category Full. Use the checkbox to open or close each age group, and save your settings.


The Public View of the team application will list “CLOSED” beside any age group in the dropdown that is closed.

If the user picks a closed age group, they will receive a warning. If they try to submit the application with a closed age group, the form will not submit.

For assistance adding this feature into your tournament system, please contact our Support Team at!

Your Cheat Sheet To Autofilling Tournament Confirmation Emails!

Demosphere’s Tournament Management System has added the capability to pull responses from an application form into your confirmation messages!

Answers given in response to any of the Team Information questions on the application form are now available to embed.

1. Access the Elements Admin dashboard and click the Team Application Manager option.

2. Scan the left-hand column for the Email Confirmation Message options.

3. Choose between customizing the confirmation message for Check or Credit Card payments.

At the bottom of the edit screen, a list with coded phrases and their corresponding descriptions, such as #~=TeamInfo_Birth_Year_of_Oldest_Player=%, is available.


By copying and pasting one of the available coded phrases into your email message template, the confirmation message will be filled with the answer from the form once sent.


For assistance utilizing this setting for your own confirmation messages, please contact our Support Team at!

Broadcast Email Your Entire Tournament Database With Ease

Does your organization have a message you’d like to share across your entire database rather than tournament by tournament? Now you can send your messages to everyone at once!

When you create a new email, the option is available to send to your entire database. This will send your message to all tournaments and leagues, all seasons, all team staff and players.


Sending to the entire database will suppress the normal ability to filter by age, gender, role, and payment status. The only filter available will be to sort by application status.

Ask Demosphere’s Support Team if the entire-database broadcast is right for you at support @

Manually Override Tournament Standings

As game results are entered into Demosphere’s Tournament Management System, standings will automatically update based on the settings specified.

However, each competition is unique and may have rules that require administrators to manually enter team rankings for a specific division.

Standings for a division are able to reordered within the Scheduling Administration element.

Select the required division by choosing the number of games in the LIST GAMES column.


The Override Team Rank link redirects administrators to a screen of current standings based on the system’s calculations.

To rearrange the standings, type a sequence number in the box. In order for the rearrangement to be completed successfully, all teams must be reordered with a sequence number – even those that will not be ranked differently.


After the rankings have been overridden, the order of the teams will not revert back to the original, even if the division scores are edited in the future.

For assistance re-ordering your division standings within the Tournament Management System, contact Demosphere Support at support @