Broadcast Email Your Entire Tournament Database With Ease

Does your organization have a message you’d like to share across your entire database rather than tournament by tournament? Now you can send your messages to everyone at once!

When you create a new email, the option is available to send to your entire database. This will send your message to all tournaments and leagues, all seasons, all team staff and players.


Sending to the entire database will suppress the normal ability to filter by age, gender, role, and payment status. The only filter available will be to sort by application status.

Ask Demosphere’s Support Team if the entire-database broadcast is right for you at support @

Manually Override Tournament Standings

As game results are entered into Demosphere’s Tournament Management System, standings will automatically update based on the settings specified.

However, each competition is unique and may have rules that require administrators to manually enter team rankings for a specific division.

Standings for a division are able to reordered within the Scheduling Administration element.

Select the required division by choosing the number of games in the LIST GAMES column.


The Override Team Rank link redirects administrators to a screen of current standings based on the system’s calculations.

To rearrange the standings, type a sequence number in the box. In order for the rearrangement to be completed successfully, all teams must be reordered with a sequence number – even those that will not be ranked differently.


After the rankings have been overridden, the order of the teams will not revert back to the original, even if the division scores are edited in the future.

For assistance re-ordering your division standings within the Tournament Management System, contact Demosphere Support at support @

Looking For An Innovative, New Tournament Bracket?

Demosphere’s Tournament Management System provides a pre-made library filled with over 300 of our most requested templates for tournament schedule structures.

The latest addition to the library introduces a bracket pattern that combines a league-style, round-robin quarter-final stage.

The bracket involves single elimination for the first round of 32 games and second round of 16 games.

The third round of games, referred to as the Championship Phase, becomes a round robin divided among two brackets (A & B). Once this round of games is completed in both brackets, the winner and finalists of both brackets will advance to the semi-finals.

During the semifinals, the game format will convert back to a single elimination.


The games, scores and standings are interactive and will fill in the bracket as the games are completed. Try out the interactive features for yourself by hovering over a team in this VYSA bracket!

These tie patterns can be developed for any competition which involves a single-elimination stage, followed by a league-style stage, and ending with semifinals and a final.

For assistance utilizing this setting for your next event, please contact our Support Team at support @!

Team Application Manager Reveals New Look!

Team App ManagerThe Team Application Manager Element within Demosphere’s Tournament Management and Travel League Scheduling Systems features an updated interface!

The new appearance includes the following aesthetic changes:

Larger Font Size
The font sizes on the main screen are now slightly larger to make the site more user-friendly.

Page Reorganization
Items on the page have been reorganized and grouped together to make application setup more intuitive.

New Labels
Select items now feature new labels to better explain their capabilities.

If you have any questions regarding the Team Application Manager element contact Demosphere’s Support Team

Team Application Manager Updates

Default Gallery Type Template

This is the default gallery type template, located in:

If you're seeing this, it's because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it's own.

Top 3 Tips To Help Your Tournament Run Smoothly

sample team application
Sample team application

Tournament time can be hectic for directors as they frantically try to organize last minute details.

In an attempt to alleviate some pressure, Demosphere has compiled three easy ways to save you time both before and during the event.

There are three core components to every tournament: managing applications, setting schedules, and scorekeeping. Demosphere’s Tournament Management System is designed to make those three parts as efficient and manageable as possible.

1. Manage Applications Efficiently

One quick and easy way to save yourself time during the tournament check-in is to require rosters to be submitted in advance. Ask teams to submit preliminary rosters online when they send in their applications. Receiving the rosters in advance will allow administrators to make minor adjustments during check-in, rather than sorting through the information as it is presented for the first time.

Give teams access to log back into the system and make roster updates after the application process. Administrators can set a deadline for accepting rosters, separate from the initial application deadline. This step will guarantee that the roster reaching you at check-in is the most up-to-date version and will require the fewest tweaks.

2. Schedule Game Structures Before Your Event

Plan out your division structures far in advance. Set a desired number of teams in each division, and the appropriate matchup structure before opening the application process. This will allow you to have preliminary schedules ready to go once the exact number of teams is available.

By planning the schedules in advance, you’ll have a decent idea of the number of fields necessary for the upcoming tournament. If you’ve used our system before, you can review previous years, too – and even copy appropriate items to the current year.

3. Delegate Score Reporting Tasks

Determine who is responsible for reporting scores immediately on site and who is responsible for reporting scores online. You’ll want reporting to take place as quickly as possible. Minimize confusion by choosing a consistent role. Do not choose to receive scores from the referee on Field 1, but expect them from the winning team on Field 2. Sticking with one specific role will make you aware of who to contact if scores do not get reported in a timely manner.

At the end of each day, quickly confirm that all scores have been reported using the Blank Scores Report. Scores can be reported either online, through an 800 phone number, or the PhoneItIn mobile application.

While preparing for your next tournament take advantage of all of the features Demosphere’s Tournament Management System has to offer to make this year’s event an enjoyable experience for applicants and administrators. Continue your tradition and be more efficient than ever before!

Contact Demosphere’s Support Team with any questions about your next event!