Trouble Sorting Team Applications? Sort By Specific Answers!

Having trouble sorting through lots of teams for your event? Tournament managers and league officials can now get convenient and powerful reporting of teams according to answers to questions on a team application within Demosphere’s Tournament Management and League Scheduling Systems.

For example, if one of your questions has multiple answers, an administrator can easily see which teams picked a specific answer.

Specific team application question
Specific team application question.

In the Team Application Manager, click on the Application Form Setup area and click on the name of one of the questions. A list of possible answers appears, with the number of teams who chose each answer. Click on the number of teams, and the list will appear.

List of teams fitting a specific application criteria.
List of teams who indicated ‘competitive’ level of play.

The list utilizes Demosphere’s latest reporting technology – Data Grid™ – with powerful features like sorting, filtering, and exporting. Need help taking full advantage of this functionality? Contact our Support Team at support @

Assign Special Points To Your League Or Tournament Standings

Special Points in Standings
Special points!

Need to get really specific when assigning points for your league or tournament? Use the Special Points feature to control whether the season has any custom points calculation.

The main use for this feature is to support fractional points. For example, if your tournament rules call for 0.5 point for a shutout, you could do this by setting 30 for a win, 10 for a tie and 5 for a shutout and then use a formula dividing the final result by 10 and displaying with a single decimal place.

This setting for Special Points needs to be activated on so that the special calculation will be applied. For assistance customizing this setting to confirm to your event rules, please contact our Support Team at support @!

Tracking W+ — Victory After Regular Time

A new tiebreaker - victory after regular time.Some competitions account for wins in the standings differently if the score is tied at the end of regulation, followed by one of the teams scoring in extra time, sometimes called Victory After Regular Time.

Within Demosphere’s League Scheduling and Tournament Management Systems, administrators can enter the number of points for each W+ Victory after regular time.

Also known as Win a.e.t., typically in a sport such as Beach Soccer (Futbol Playa), this counts the wins from the shootout after the score was level at the end of regular time. These wins may be awarded fewer points than a regular win. Within the system, the Game Special Result must be set to “a.e.t.” to indicate that a game should count this way.

Keep in mind that this is calculated differently than points awarded for shut-outs, in which case the extra points are added to the points for a win. A shut-out win tallies in the W column as a win. However, a Win a.e.t. does NOT count as a regular win, it will instead show up in the W+ column.

Interested in using this feature? Contact our Support Team at support @ as the additional Game Special Result “a.e.t.” value is not a default setting  and must be added to your account configuration to fully activate this feature.

Dallas Cup Moves to Cotton Bowl For 2013

Demosphere attended the 2013 Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup

Over the weekend, members of the Demosphere team traveled to Dallas to experience Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIV. After a successful multi-year run in Frisco at FC Dallas Stadium, the event moved into the city with key games being played at the historic Cotton Bowl.

Founded in 1980 by Texas Longhorns Soccer Club, the Dallas Cup is a competition for top-level boys teams in the U13 to U19 age-range and has the distinction of being the longest running international youth soccer tournament in the United States.

In 2013, 180 teams are participating, including youth teams from well-known international clubs like Manchester United, Club America, Fulham FC, Tigres, Fluminense FC, and many more. In the first day of competition, local team FC Dallas scored a 1-0 win and Manchester United defeated Club America 2-0.

Demosphere’s President and CEO Jay Baker and Senior Account Manager Camille Cheatwood (pictured above) experienced some Texas hospitality at the the opening weekend socials and events. They also had a chance to see some of the showcase games, too.

For those that have never been to Dallas Cup, it’s definitely worth the trip!

New Feature: Schedules, Scores, and Standings – on TV!

Tournament Scores TV Display - Sample

“Who won?” and “What was the score?” are two commonly heard phrases at youth sports tournaments. In competitive events, knowing the results of other games is very important – often times it can determine the time, location, and opponent for your team’s next game.

To assist in those efforts, a new feature in Demosphere’s Tournament Management System allows events to display schedules/results and standings on TVs. For events with a tournament headquarters or other gathering point, one or more TVs may be used to display the latest results to attendees. The feeds are customizable too – they can be set to show games from specific divisions or on specific dates. The size and rotation speed can also be set.

Used in conjunction with Demosphere’s PhoneItIn™ – a score-reporting app – scores can be shared faster than ever.

For those without TV capabilities (and for attendees that are far away from the displays) Demosphere also offers mobile-friendly displays of schedules/results and standings that look great and load fast on smartphones, so everyone should be able to stay up-to-date at any events utilizing Demosphere’s Tournament Management System.