Scheduling Simplicity – Remove Multiple Games

Remove Multiple GamesScheduling Games Quickly

Within Demosphere’s Tournament Management and League Scheduling Systems, there is an emphasis on doing things efficiently.

Since scheduling generally is a time consuming activity, the system aims to perform assigned tasks quickly so the user can spend more time focusing on the matchups themselves.

Delete Multiple Games

To assist in these efforts, a new feature has been added to facilitate the removal of multiple games (in one division) at once.

Rather than having to delete game-by-game, administrators may check multiple games for deletion (see above screenshot) and push the “delete selected games” button. The feature is available for all customers within the Scheduling Administration area.

For any questions on using this new feature, please contact Demosphere’s Support Team

New Game Schedule Audit Tools Released

Generating schedules for leagues can be challenging and Demosphere’s League Scheduling System can certainly help. To make life even easier, game schedules can be audited by several reports under the Scheduling Administration element. These audit reports provide a convenient way to manage the multitude of rules and constraints that must be followed to generate the best possible game schedule for your teams. Two new audit reports have been added:

  • Team Day, Home/Away Balance. This report provides detailed information about how many games each team plays by day of the week and whether their overall balance of home vs. away games is within acceptable limits. Any team that has more home than away games (or differs by more than one if the total is an odd number) is highlighted for further examination.
  • Team Time Balance. This report provides detailed statistics on what time each team plays throughout the season and how many games they have at each particular time.

Below, please find screenshots of these two great new reports. Please try out these reports the next time you run a schedule, and if you have any questions, just contact the Demosphere Support Team.

Games by Day of Week

Games by Time Slot

Simple Steps To Post Your Game Schedule Online

The hard work is done – you have completed your game schedule for your organization’s next league or tournament. Now, you’re ready to post it on your website for all to see. The beginning of an event is often among the most exciting times of the year.

To save the most time in your process, please check out our quick 3 minute video on posting your schedule. You’ll have things up in no time! Enjoy your season!