Adjusting Fees For Amended Volunteer Registration

If a registrant chose to opt-out of volunteering for a specific season with an opt-out fee applied, the Household would subsequently be charged for their decision.

However, if that registrant then decides that they would like to volunteer, the Club Administrator would be responsible for removing the opt-out fee from their Household in the following steps:

Register to Volunteer

The registrant looking to volunteer would first need to log into the system and Register a Volunteer for the desired season.


Remove Fee

The Club Administrator would then proceed by removing the original opt-out fee from the account.

After locating the desired Household within the Household Management section, the Administrator is able to navigate to the Order History tab and locate the order with the opt-out fee charged.

Simply click on Manage Unpaid Payments and adjust the opt-out fee to zero.


If the order (opt-out fee included) had already been paid, the Club Administrator would then need to generate a refund for the fee amount.

For further assistance managing unpaid payments and volunteer fees contact Demosphere Support at support @

Get Parents Volunteering With RosterPro!

It's easy to volunteer for programs with Demosphere's RosterPro Registration System
Parents can volunteer easily!

An updated Volunteer Management interface was recently unveiled as part of the RosterPro™ Registration System.

The new and improved functionality allows parents to see available positions and commit to volunteering in just seconds.

Key features include:

  • Site Administrators can now manage and report on centralized Volunteer roles.
  • Individual Seasons requesting volunteers can select which roles to offer and can customize a unique volunteer form.
  • Administrators can manage volunteer registrations and filter a variety of ways including grouping placement (based on related participant registration), desired role, current registration status, personal information, and/or form responses.
  • Easy drag-and-drop assignment to Team Staff.
  • Simple, powerful custom reporting.
  • Email communication with any/all volunteers using custom filters.
Volunteer Management Photos

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Make Volunteering Easy!


As all administrators know, volunteers are the lifeblood of youth sports organizations. Without them, it would be impossible for many organizations to survive.

With the Fall season fast approaching, now is a crucial time for recruiting new volunteers to help operations run smoothly.

Unfortunately, from visiting some youth sports websites, a potential volunteer would have no idea what’s needed or how to sign up.

This morning, I visited a small sample of 15 youth sports websites across a number of sports. All told, only three had information for volunteers readily available – and only one of those three was up-to-date with information for this season.

Why? Had they reached their capacity for volunteers this season (doubtful) … or did they unintentionally omit this important information (more likely)?

Recruiting volunteers is hard. Don’t make it even harder.

Make volunteer info & registration easy to find on your site!

Post contact information for people to ask questions!

Explain what’s in it for them – why should they volunteer?

With these changes, you’ll be on your way to a more successful volunteer recruitment period. Best of luck this season!